Insta Content Generator

Hi everyone!  I have a message in to Amy to see if I’m able to do something specific for a private review. If not, no worries. I’ll showcase something else. But I WILL be having a private review session for those who buy Insta Content Generator through my link.

It might happen today but it might be a couple of days for me to hear back. Just send me your transaction # so I can verify it and I’ll send you access when it’s ready. Continue reading

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Blog Tip Ideas

Hi everyone! Two blog tips for you today. One is a lesson and one is a readymade blog post outline for you to take and run with. These are best for health, diet, stress, and for the outline – the list above PLUS relationships, success, parenting, etc.

First, here’s the lesson on the social or blog share-able content with a nice image and lesson that provides both digital and tangible promo opportunity. Forgot to mention that in those red circles, you might put the promos to the tangible items or digital items instead of a tip! Continue reading

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My Thoughts on JVs Made Simple

Hi everyone! So I bought and am going through Connie Ragan Green’s JVs Made Simple course and I wanted to share my thoughts. Even though this is a good newbie course, it’s helpful to anyone who needs to understand Google Docs – JVs or not.

First thing when I logged into the members’ area that I got was the downloads – the main training PDF, a checklist PDF and an MP4 and MP3 file of the interview with NoelWatts.  Continue reading

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Free Cheatsheet Lesson Using PLR

Hi everyone! Great question came in. She asked, “Could you do an implementation or a tutorial or a mini challenge to help me and others like me take a plr article or even a set of related plr articles to create cheat and tip sheets?”

Wanna do a brainstorming session?

The answer is YES! I can. I will. I did! Here’s your free template download of the cheatsheet template I use in the video: Continue reading

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How to Get Started with Social Media

Hi everyone! A great question came in from someone who is pretty versatile in terms of understanding computers and how the Internet operates, but has never been on social media and has heard all the warnings about it.

So let’s dig into the scenario and look at the best practices you should follow.  Continue reading

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Tip #2 for Improving Your Conversions without Spending Money

Hi everyone! Today we’re continuing on with the series about improving your conversions without spending money. Be prepared in everything you do – earlier than your competition.

So with conversions, let’s talk about the monetary kind – sales of your own product or affiliate commissions.

Early Prep for Sales of Your Own Product Continue reading

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