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The Right Way to Network with Other Bloggers

Hi everyone! One of my readers asked me what they could do to better network with other bloggers. Typically, you participate on their blog, comment – friend them on FB and get to know them.

But if you want to level it up a bit, I want to warn you about something…

It’s not about being a fan.  Continue reading

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Silly Way to Brainstorm Blog Topics or Social Posts

Hi everyone! I crave brainstorming on a regular basis. I’m most happy when I’m trying to think of new ways to do things. The other day I was thumbing through one of my resources for my fiction branch when it dawned on me that I was having ideas for my Internet Marketing blog posts.

And then I realized it could be used for MANY niches! I love it when that happens, so I wanted to share it. So let’s get started.

People engage and act on call to actions because of emotions.

Even if you do a step-by-step how to blog post, there are emotions rooted in that – they’re grateful for you dumbing something down, making it easy, etc. When you talk about their success and failures, you speak about emotions – how they feel – motivated, inspired, determined, hopeless, impatient, greedy, and so on.

In all niches, you’ll find people going through a rollercoaster of emotions:

  • Happiness when they lose weight
  • Hopeless when they tried hard and the scale didn’t budge
  • Shame when they overate one night
  • Suspicious when someone tries to get them to buy something
  • Needy when they have to email a guru a question
  • Organized when they make a plan to succeed and check off their task list
  • Flirtatious when they work up the nerve to ask someone out
  • Foolish when they get stood up on a blind date
  • Thrifty when they follow through on a date night for under $20

See how it works?

It works in the parenting niche, weight loss, relationships, MMO, pets, anti aging – you name it!

Use emotional resources and brainstorm ideas for your niche.

So the two books I was using are:

Let me explain why these are above and beyond a simple “list of emotions.” Well, let me SHOW you two examples of what I did. I used the Negative Trait Thesaurus to write this post using the word: Gullible. Then I used the Positive Trait Thesaurus to write this post about Persuasive.

What I suggest you do is look at the images below and what I’ve marked and then go read the blog post to see how I did it.

So here’s the 2-page discussion in the book about Gullible (in each I’ve noted what specifically was used within the blog post idea-wise):

And here’s the one about Persuasive:

There’s also another book of hers which I apparently bought and must have misplaced so now I’ll have to rebuy it. It’s The Emotion Thesaurus. So let me show you a screen shot from the Amazon “Look Inside” and then share an example of using this content to create a blog post entry.

So here’s something I might write based on what I see for an IM blog post:

When I first got started online, there were times I must have looked like a strung-out drug addict. I couldn’t eat out of worry. I stayed slouched over my keyboard to the point where my back hurt. My hands would shake whenever I’d have to try something or put myself out there. My neck was always stiff from stress and when I spoke about helping people, my voice was choked in emotion because I was so scared I’d somehow let people down. 

***This section above was written using the physical signs section.***

Let’s continue…

One thing that might cause you to make poor decisions is desperation. When you get desperate, you’re constantly (and frantically) making new plans for success and you feel so driven that you’re willing to do almost anything to have a taste of what everyone else is sharing – elation about making money online 

Sometimes desperation is good. It makes you push past obstacles to get you to where you need to be. But if you get to the point where you’re willing to sacrifice your morals just to get going, don’t think you can ever get your reputation back later on. 

***For this section, I used the Mental Responses and Cues of Acute or Long-Term Desperation topics.***

If you recognize that you’ve gotten to the point of desperation, it’s not too late to get back to a calm and peaceful approach to business. Don’t hang on to any lies you’ve been telling yourself just because it provides hope to you. Being realistic isn’t comfortable at times, but it’s beneficial in helping you move forward. 

The worst thing you can do is shut people out who are trying to support and help you. You want to ask people for help, look at the insight they’re sharing and don’t become an introvert where you’ve built walls up to protect yourself from possible ridicule. 

You don’t want to spend all your days binge watching Netflix just to cope with the feelings of depression. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and face it head on. You can defeat it!

***The above was written using the Cues of Suppressed Depression.***

See how easy that is? It’s an AWESOME resource for helping you CONNECT on a human level with your audience!

You could easily do this with other niches. Let’s take a look at a couple of other niches. I will randomly flip to a page and write it from a different niche perspective. Let’s do the niche of diet and the trait from the positive thesaurus is Discreet. Ack! Okay here goes… First the pic then the writing:

Whenever you start anew diet, you might have a tendency to shout it from the rooftop. After all, being overweight often makes us feel like failures, so we want everyone to know how GOOD we’re doing now.

But being discreet might serve you better, and here’s how…

#1 – Not being discreet leads to peer pressure.

When you’re on a diet, you’re ruining it for everyone else. So what happens next? When you go to lunch with friends, they don’t want to sit there feeling bad about eating the wrong kinds of things, so the easier route is to convince you to join them. That’s dangerous to your success. 

#2 – Not being discreet opens you up to a flood of bad information.

You know the kind of well-meaning friends I’m talking about – who ply you with every new trend or personal tactic that worked for them. You want to be in control of the kind of information you’re learning about nutrition and exercise based on your personal needs, not Aunt Sally or your neighbor Sue. 

#3 – Being discreet keeps you on an even keel with emotions.

Imagine falling off the wagon in front of the office at Harry’s retirement party and feeling like all eyes are on you as you gobble down that second piece of cake in the shape of a gold watch. You don’t want to add emotional turmoil to what’s already an emotional process for most people. 

#4 – Being discreet means people won’t avoid you for fear of you being one of “those” people.

Those people are the kind who, because they lost 15 pounds so far, want EVERYONE else to be on the same diet. So people start avoiding you. They mute your posts on Facebook because it’s nothing but gym shots and low cal meals. When they see you losing weight and want to ask, you can provide the information discreetly. 

Be protective of your privacy and it will help you make better judgment calls when it comes to how you want to pursue weight loss on a daily basis. Let your results be the bullhorn that shouts from the rooftop for you. 

How did that sound? 

Let’s try another niche and another trait – this time from the Negative one. Let’s try the “save your relationship” niche. Flipping to a trait and it is… Pessimistic! Doable. First the pic then the writing:

Your relationship is in trouble, so there are two ways you can take it from here. You can expect failure or expect a reconciliation. Your mindset will either help or hinder you, so let’s look at the major mistake many men and women are making when it comes to trying to iron out their problems. 

It’s normal to be skeptical right now – after all, you two have undergone some bad times. It’s sometimes easier to assume the worst will happen because it takes away that fear of failing when you go in hopeful. This is even worse if you’ve had a string of failed relationships with others in the past. 

You may look at your significant other right now and only be able to focus on what’s wrong with him or her. You’ve lost sight of anything good. This puts you on the defense at all times, even when intentions are genuine and good. 

You might resent their actions and be unable to let go of them – or even beat yourself up for mistakes that you’ve made. But I want you to think of what has gone right in your relationship. Was there anything? Any moment or experience you’ve gained that you feel positive about?

Start by focusing on gratitude. What are you grateful for in terms of your spouse? Do they do any chores or bring home an income that helps you out? Did you ever feel they were there for you in a bad time – even if it was long ago? 

Don’t just go through the motions anymore. Start being mindful about the true reality of your interactions. It’s up to you to look at both of you and find strengths instead of weaknesses. 

Own up to the fact that the way you two have been spiraling down into a negative relationship has been a contributing factor to why you haven’t been able to dig yourself out of the hole. Until your mindset improves, you’ll always have a cloud hanging over everything – like intentions.

Being a pessimist is a mindset obstacle that you have to work on reprogramming or it will take root and invade every part of your relationship. You may need to go through exercises that force you to practice optimism from here on out. 


Quick and easy brainstorming based on adjectives about emotions 😉

Hope it helps someone. I loved it!

If you have trouble seeing how it could help your niche, comment here with the niche and let me brainstorm for you.

Tiff 😉

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Niche Idea Brainstorm for the Birds

Hi everyone! Sometimes I see a niche idea and although it’s not one I want to pursue, I know someone else might – so I decide to brainstorm for it and share it with you.

I was scrolling a news site and came across this article about bird watching. Whenever I see the word “rise” or “trend” or something, my ears perk up and a lightbulb goes off over my head and I think, “niche!”

So I started digging… Continue reading

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Honing Your Persuasive Skills

Hi everyone! When it comes to Internet marketing, you need to have a certain personality characteristic in order to be successful.

You have to be persuasive.

Not everyone has this skill, but luckily – it’s one that can be learned.

Persuasive marketers have the ability to influence, but many of you reading this think that’s primarily done using proof. Not so. Many marketers influence their readers by using the readers’ emotions to reflect the need to buy.  Continue reading

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Are You a Gullible Buyer or Seller?

Hi everyone! Every day it seems there is some sort of situation where I see someone acting kind of gullible. Just to clarify, gullible doesn’t mean stupid. It simply means you’re easily persuaded to believe something.

I’ve done it too. None of us are immune. But we really do need to try to be a bit more discerning when we’re buying and selling.

So how might you be gullible? See if any of these match what you tend to do… Continue reading

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