They Don’t Design Internet Marketing Around You

Hi everyone! There’s a wonderful perk about being an online entrepreneur – we can do whatever the hell we want to do. But only to some degree.

Want to be a blogger? Gotta learn how to build the blog technically even if technical stuff usually stumps you.

Want to build a deep connection to your followers on social media? Better get ready to put yourself out there on video.

We want all these cool things – the money first and foremost – but we squirm around and try to get out of anything that we don’t want to do. We look for shortcuts or throw away an entire business model if it means we might have to shed our comfort skin and put ourselves on the line for possible failure.  Continue reading

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I’m Trying to Learn How to Embrace and Fuel Up on Discomfort

Hi everyone! Some people, when things get hard, shut down completely – get paralyzed, get depressed and stall out like a car out of gas. I see this a ton with people in marketing, but it hasn’t ever affected me like that – not in this area of life.

It has in others, though.

Becoming a Business Machine

With me, when business or finances are tough, it literally fuels me to wake up earlier, go to bed later, work as hard as I can, as smart as I can. It always has. I’ve worked my butt off on my own business from day 1.  Continue reading

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Drill Down Tip

Hi everyone! People are asking me about the broad vs narrow still. Again, it’s okay to do either but I think the confusion comes on why anyone would want to go so narrow in the first place.

Today, I’m sharing an example in the tangle kitchen niche. Maybe this will shed some light on it. Continue reading

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It’s Not About Earning Like I Do

Hi everyone! I’m going through all the email responses that came in when I sent out my income report. People have questions, they’re excited and they find the information motivating (as I do when I read other peoples’ reports).

But I want you to remember something…

Many of you are commenting that you want to “do exactly what I do” so you can see if you get the same results.

Bad mindset!

Our skills are all different, our interests are all unique and it makes a HUGE difference in your level of success. Continue reading

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Pumpkins – Vote in the Comments!

Hi everyone! So my kids and two girlfriends created their pumpkins last night and I’m giving the one who wins $50 cash – so they need your vote. ONE VOTE ONLY, please!

Pumpkins are always fun to think about, you sit down, and by the time you get the guts out and carve on it for awhile, you’re so tired you just want to get it over with, right? LOL! I quit doing them long ago. No patience for it. But the kids keep at it…

Check them out below and tell me the name of the one you pick as the best: Continue reading

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