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Mirrored Empathy Should Be the Crux of Your Copy

Hi everyone! Something got me thinking this week that I wanted to share with you. You all know how I get emails and you see comments here about me being real and transparent, etc. It’s probably the one personality trait … Continue reading

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10 Tips on Using My ClickBank Presell Reports

Hi everyone! Several readers have emailed me direct or commented here on the blog asking for my help in educating them about how to use my ClickBank Presell Reports to promote products. The question is basically, “How do I use … Continue reading

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I Take That Back – Don’t Buy Dragon Naturally Speaking!

Hi everyone this is Tiffany from Tiffany I want to tell you about the Dragon NaturallySpeaking free app that you can download to your iPhone. This app helps you cut down time that you spend working on your content. … Continue reading

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Affiliates Who Avoid ClickBank

Hi everyone! Whenever I mention something about ClickBank I inevitably have nervous people contacting me in droves asking me questions about the marketplace and the people who sell there. I personally love selling on ClickBank myself because even though they … Continue reading

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Coaching with Craig Results from One Winner

Hi everyone! One of the women who won one of the Coaching with Craig calls (Paula) emailed me and said I could pass this info along to the rest of the blog readers, since many of you entered to win, … Continue reading

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Let Your Inner Stripper Take Over

Hi everyone! As we sit here thinking about our sad stories (don’t worry, I do it too), remember that someone else has achieved many things in spite of FAR bigger obstacles than you (or I) have. We are so self … Continue reading

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