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6 Hour Workday

Hi everyone! Today in my counseling session with my nutritionist, one thing came up that will drastically affect my online business – I hope for the better. Made a vlog for you and then some text below: Right now, I work … Continue reading

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Copy Snob Affiliate

Hi everyone! Yesterday we talked about why it’s important to better your writing skills – and you could probably see the various people chiming in about what irks them. This is proof that you might be losing initial sales or … Continue reading

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What Difference Does Good Writing Make?

Hi everyone! As online marketers, a good portion of our content will be text-based. Of course, video is taking the world by storm – and audio has its place – but text will always be important. Today I saw someone … Continue reading

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Getting Your Products to Convert Takes TONS of Time

Hi everyone! I was scrolling through a forum today and someone had posted a link to this video (below). I watched it – because content is what we all need to understand – and it was SO good. I wanted … Continue reading

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Product Development Control Implementation Part 14

Hi everyone! Last week I was deep in the development of my latest PLR content funnel, so I didn’t do any of my PDC reviews. Today I reviewed the remainder of the last 3 parts of Module 4 – so … Continue reading

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Fast Good Cheap Reminder

Hi everyone! As I was watching people freak out about the possibility that the freelance section of the WF will be overrun with low cost freelancers, I was reminded of the fast-good-cheap reference. You may have heard this – but … Continue reading

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