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9 Ways to Get Yourself Unstuck on a Project

Hi everyone! I don’t know about you, but when I’m trying to complete a big project, I sometimes get overwhelmed and feel stuck – paralyzed. So I start to procrastinate. Here are 9 ways you can get unstuck when something … Continue reading

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Covert Niche Authority Review

Hi everyone! Today we’re starting a review and implementation of Barb Ling’s Covert Niche Authority product – if you want to grab it and follow along, you can! Now going through the buying process (and inside the product), you’ll notice … Continue reading

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What’s Your Percentage Split on Tech, Strategy and Mindset?

Hi everyone! Browsing around online today seeing what there is to absorb, how I can help or get help, etc. I noticed things about participants online. People have strong imbalances with what they pursue. This may be due to preferences, … Continue reading

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1 Week Business Buddy Match-Ups

Hi everyone! I drew names out of a hat to let fate match us all up. Someone got me. I don’t know if they’ll be happy or disappointed. LOL – but I’m here to SERVE you! πŸ™‚ Here’s the video:

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What Does Your Customer Lifecycle Look Like?

Hi everyone! I was watching a video – well, the beginning of it, and it talked about the lifecycle of a customer. I looked at their list and realized we all have such unique lifecycles for our customers – andΒ we … Continue reading

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Teach What You Know Despite Your Harshest Critic

Hi everyone! Big aha moment for me here today. Wanted to share. I approved a comment on my other blog – the blog I consider just my personal blog – and it hit me that this could be the non … Continue reading

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