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One Fresh Stinkeye Later

Hi everyone! Ever look at your writing with a fresh eye? You know, do what they authors should do and stick it in a drawer (or a virtual folder) and come back to it later? Well I like to give … Continue reading

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Good God I’m FrankenTiffing My Fiction Style Now!

Hi everyone! So, ya know how I like to FrankenTiff my journey when I review Internet Marketing courses? I veer off the beaten path, get stubborn and refuse to do things other peoples’ way and in my best Frank Sinatra … Continue reading

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Friday Night Hissy Fit

Well … last night sucked. I was all excited about working on Chapter 5. In fact, while I was in my bath, I used my audio app for Notes to write the first scene in that chapter by speaking it. … Continue reading

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Don’t Fool Yourself Into Thinking You’re Being Smart

Hi everyone! It’s been two days since I checked in. On the 25th, I thought I was going to get to write my plot twist chapter (chapter 4), but I ran into a whole headache with my IM launch – technical … Continue reading

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Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Hi everyone! Well yesterday I posted about how I was filled to the brim with self doubt. And just writing my thoughts out made me so sick of myself that I ended the blog and went to work right away. … Continue reading

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I’m a Walking Self Doubt Disaster

Hi everyone! Well…it looks like I’m going to need an EXTRA big pair of Texas shitkickers (those are boots for those not in the know) to get me to the finish line on this one. I am really trying to … Continue reading

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