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Those Who Need to Outsource or Those Who Get Outsourced To

Hi everyone! Before we get started let me share with those who don’t know that I have been on both sides of the outsourcing coin. I was the top “Ghostwriter to the Gurus” when I got my start – John … Continue reading

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Are You Someone Who Is Making Perilous Purchases?

Hi everyone! I’m finally get back on the wellness track – have been sick with a viscous kid’s cold ever since last weekend. So needless to say, there were a ton of emails to catch up on. And like most … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Twist the Slant for Your Amazon PLR Promos

Hi everyone! Okay I actually created this article as a good tips list for my affiliates to use, but after I was finished, I told them I’d be using it too – it’s just good advice and my list shouldn’t … Continue reading

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Are You Earning at Least $5 a Day?

Hi everyone! As someone who opens her email inbox to any and all questions without charging a “coaching fee” (even though some ask me if I offer official coaching), I hear from a lot of people who are still struggling. … Continue reading

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Beautifully Stumbling on New Ideas to Make Money

Hi everyone! I am recovering from a yucky head cold that’s gone around my family. Have felt pretty out of it, not much like working. But I have to. Late yesterday I launched my new PLR pack for the top … Continue reading

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Growth Starts with Non Mastery

Hi everyone! Have you ever noticed how “ashamed” so many “not YET successful” marketers feel when they don’t know how to do something? Today I posted a Q&A post of some of the emails I’d gotten today but I extracted … Continue reading

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