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Teach Me How to Start an Affiliate Blog on the Cheap

Hi everyone! Continuing in my “Teach me how to” series, where you guys answered a survey question and I am providing my $0.02 on them, someone posted this: Teach me how to… “Fix up the version of WordPress that is … Continue reading

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7 Lessons on Using Listicles

I love a good listicle. A listicle is wonderful because it’s easy to digest, often fun, and quick to write, too! Listicles are list articles – built around a theme or topic and give bite-sized information about a topic in … Continue reading

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Coolice Clones Put Stores on Your Site

Hi everyone! I’ve been doing some tangible tutorials for my readers lately and discussing a lot about the blog and review tips and I wanted to discuss another addition to your Amazon efforts. I’ve promoted about 2 of these in … Continue reading

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Simple Sales Page Graphics Tutorial

Hi everyone! Yesterday when I emailed out, I asked you if you’d like to see a live tutorial about how I make these simple sales pages: I want to do a soup to nuts tutorial here, so if you’re short … Continue reading

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List Building Challenge Day 17 – Create the Report and Edit It

Hi everyone! So now you have to take your slant and idea and spend some time creating a course for it. Make it a good one. Go ahead and give yourself a week or two if you need to. I … Continue reading

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Teach Me How to Get Traffic to My Site

Hi everyone! As promised, I’m going through the responses to the survey I took of my list where I asked you to fill in the blank of “Teach me how to _____.” This person wanted to know exactly, in a … Continue reading

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