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Don’t Present a Solution without a Problem

Hi everyone! I’m such a dork. I was watching TV last night and I saw a commercial last night and of course, I see everything through my marketer glasses. And this particular commercial bugged me. I felt like it presented … Continue reading

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From Information Overload to What Seems Like Spam

Hi everyone! Around this time, you all know I sit here and look back at where I’ve been career-wise and where I need to go to increase earnings. Part of that reflection is also analyzing the industry as a whole. … Continue reading

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My 2-Pronged Biz Advice for Those Not Seeing Profits

Hi everyone! Well this was one of those weird thoughts I had in the middle of the night and I kept repeating “2 pronged biz” to myself so I wouldn’t forget. Things weigh on me heavily – like emails from … Continue reading

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Affiliate Marketing with PLR and SEO

Hi everyone! Some great questions came in from someone who purchased a toy PLR pack through my link, so I thought I’d share the answers here in case others have the same concerns. So let’s go over them one by … Continue reading

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