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Why the Deceptive Bonus Slant?

Hi everyone! Someone emailed me this morning about a topic that’s always irked me, so since she asked, I plan on spotlighting this subpar practice today. It’s about bonuses. Specifically, here’s what happens… You, the buyer, get an email saying … Continue reading

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They Don’t Design Internet Marketing Around You

Hi everyone! There’s a wonderful perk about being an online entrepreneur – we can do whatever the hell we want to do. But only to some degree. Want to be a blogger? Gotta learn how to build the blog technically … Continue reading

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I’m Trying to Learn How to Embrace and Fuel Up on Discomfort

Hi everyone! Some people, when things get hard, shut down completely – get paralyzed, get depressed and stall out like a car out of gas. I see this a ton with people in marketing, but it hasn’t ever affected me … Continue reading

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