4 Things Newbies Should Invest in (and What They Should Ignore)

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Hi everyone! Shopping smart is probably one of the best things you can learn how to do when you’re new or struggling as an online entrepreneur. I can’t tell you how many times someone emails me saying they’ve bought hundreds of products and not used them.

If you were an employee of a company, they’d fire you fast for such wasteful spending. But you allow yourself to do it.

There are some things that are wise investments and some things that aren’t. So I thought I’d go through the list of what you should spend money on and what you need to put blinders on for.

#1 – Certain Courses

As a newbie, you’re going to be hit with a gazillion different strategies teaching a myriad of things – everything from how to make money with FB ads to how to write and launch an info product.

Here’s an example of unwise spending: Buying a course on FB ad promotions when you don’t have a clue how to launch your own product or succeed as an affiliate yet. Just where are you going to direct those FB ads?

But you’ll buy it because it’s on the bestseller list and so and so said it was good. What you’re not considering is that so and so (maybe even me) has many people on their list several steps ahead of you who ARE ready for that next step in paid advertising.

That doesn’t mean it’s a good fit for YOU. It’s your responsibility to slow down a sec and think strategically and ask yourself, “Is that the next step in my journey? I don’t even know which niche I want to be in yet.” Maybe you hold off.

Then you worry about missing a deal. Oh well. Look, the same topics get done in courses over and over again over time. If you miss this FB ads course, I guarantee another one will come along with fresh, updated information when you’re actually ready for it.

The above tip doesn’t mean you keep your purse strings so tightly wound that you never invest in a course, either. It’s foolish to waste precious time floundering around having no clue what you’re doing when others have gone before you and can guide you easily.

Some people always question the motives of why marketers share that information. Because it’s an income stream, period! Marketers who are savvy NEVER put all their eggs in one basket – we have affiliate income, sure – but we ALSO want the info product creation income. It’s foolish NOT to do it – especially when you can outsource your other stuff while you create a course.

So shop smart and brainstorm a list of strategies to make money online or learn tasks you think you might be interested in (like FB ads or whatever). Then prioritize them and look for courses in that order.

Buy the course. Implement it AS YOU GO. Learn what you do and don’t like about it, take the part you like and discard the rest and move on to the next topic. If you actually took the time to implement each course you bought, you wouldn’t have spent money on hundreds of products because it takes time to implement each one.

#2 – Tools That You NEED

There are certain things you need and some things you don’t. You probably need a domain and hosting, for example – but as I showed those taking my Accessory Site Challenge, you don’t need the bloated add ons domain registrars or hosting companies try to tack on.

You don’t need a keyword tool, but as you level up, it’s nice to own one that you prefer. Most have a trial. Some don’t. Everyone has different preferences for that.

Do you need plugins? Not all of them! Most that I use are free. Sometimes there’ll be a cool Amazon plugin or something for affiliate marketing, but if you’re not aggressively pursuing Amazon affiliate income, don’t go buying a plugin just because it looks like something neat and is on sale.

Software is big right now – video makers, automated tools, etc. When I promote these, it’s often for some of you who are able to buy it without worry and who know they’ll be using it in their business efforts immediately.

It’s not meant for newbies who can’t pay their mortgage or for people who aren’t even in a business model that can use that tool, but who think, “maybe someday…” No! Just shop smart.

Tools are typically perks and indulgences are very few are absolutely required. They’re nice to have as a way of taking shortcuts or upping your level of professionalism but for newbies and struggling marketers, it’s not where you need to begin.

#3 – Readymade Content

I sell and promote PLR for a reason – most people can’t write well or it takes them too long, and ghostwriting services cost a lot more than newbies and struggling marketers can afford in the beginning.

So PLR is a smart buy because you have to have content to get anywhere as an online entrepreneur – and PLR can be used for so many things – your blog posts, sales copy, info products, social networking posts, email autoresponders, opt in freebies to build a list, and even as videos and podcasts if you want!

It’s cheap – usually $1 per page MAX at full price, and even cheaper on launches. You can get an entire biz in a box for $7. That can’t be beat.

The problem?

Many newbies and struggling marketers buy EVERYTHING being promoted to them whether or not they plan on being in a niche and THEN they don’t even use the content.


When I buy content – ghostwritten or PLR – I have that file right on my desktop and I use it little by little until it’s completed and I drag it off at that time. These same people buying up every PLR offer and not using it are the ones 12 months later saying, “another year I didn’t get traction.”

ACTION is what gives you traction. Not spending.

So before you buy PLR, commit to using it. That may mean buying a domain and hosting to set up the biz in a box content. Don’t know how to use it? Ask someone. Or look it up step by step.

Google questions like, “How to put an opt in autoresponder on my site” or whatever and implement the stuff! You have to learn and look for instructions. That’s YOUR responsibility. Everyone else did it. I Googled, I watched videos. I asked for help. I learned.

When you DO buy PLR, look for the reputation of the buyer and that does NOT mean it got deal of the day or product of the day or is on the bestseller list. Plenty of trash gets those titles.

Ask fellow marketers who has the best PLR. My favorite is Tribe Bloom (Casey Anders) – their stuff is on a level the rest of us aren’t with their professional videos of real humans that come with the packs.

When you get PLR, either get a membership like the Tribe Bloom one where you get lots of varied content so you’re not in a rush with niche selection, or pick versatile PLR that can be slanted to different niches – like Motivating Content – because as an online niche leader, that’s basically your whole job – motivate people to improve situations and find solutions.

Your content is what is going to get people on your list, show them you’re an educated leader in the niche, allow them to find the solution they needed, and help you build a rapport with them. Don’t underestimate it.

#4 – Some Services

Sometimes, but not immediately, it’s best to pay for services when you don’t have a clue what you’re doing and can’t grasp the lessons that are out there for it.

Services might include blog installation or ghostwriting for something specific you want created.

It’s usually something technical in a set up capacity.

What I suggest is that you find a service provider who can create a screen capture video for you of them doing the task and explaining it as they do it. Pay them for it – but then you have the step by step video of it and can do it yourself in the future without paying for it repeatedly.

Sometimes, you just have to do things and screw up a few times and learn along the way. You’ll get frustrated. You’ll feel stupid. You might cry or cuss. All normal reactions for someone getting past an obstacle.

But push through until you have nothing left to give. And that includes having taken the time to ask for help. When you ask for help from your networking friends on FB or in a forum like Warrior Forum, you always want to include, “This is what I tried…and here’s what’s happening.”

Don’t be vague and just say, “I don’t know how to upload my opt in form.” No – lessons are out there. Share what you did exactly, share the link, explain what’s happening and see if anyone steps up to help.

People in this community help a lot. That’s because they were helped along the way. So no, they don’t think you’re stupid for asking.

As you go through 2018, make sure you’re shopping smart. Good deals should be grabbed – but ONLY if you plan to implement them soon, not months or years down the road.

Tiff 😉

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10 Responses to 4 Things Newbies Should Invest in (and What They Should Ignore)

  1. Avery says:

    Great thoughts, Tiff! I think if you plan to buy something for your business, you need to budget for a course on it or hire someone to walk you through it. That’s what I’ve started doing and it’s easier to implement things this way. I don’t get lost nearly as much and technical hurdles don’t feel as overwhelming. Just a thought. 🙂

  2. Flo says:

    Thank you Tiff. It has taken me some time to start figuring this out and I still buy things that take me awhile to get to. Seeing it in concrete form that I can refer back to will help.

  3. Mark says:

    Great information and very true. I think people forget that we are running a business and with that comes things we need and don’t…. as well as just want etc,

  4. Tiffany Lambert, you are just pure gold for this market, I have often felt like (hee-haaa) after making so many purchases in the past, not wanting to miss out on a (good deal).

    Not thinking do I really need this product right now? Not thinking about I am on a super tight budget and this can really wait, I need to focus on making money not spending money first.

    You give such great advice, I know I am one of your most appreciative followers and buyers when I can…I’ve learned my lesson..:-)

  5. Chet Merithew says:

    Awesome. Thank you.

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