6 Hour Workday

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Hi everyone! Today in my counseling session with my nutritionist, one thing came up that will drastically affect my online business – IΒ hope for the better. Made a vlog for you and then some text below:

Right now, I work 6 AM to 10 PM with two one hour carpool breaks, a 1 hour bath and a little time here and there to make dinner, hold my babies, etc. But there is no scheduled down time and any time I am watching TV or doing anything else, I feel a huge amount of guilt that I should be kicking ass and earning money.Β 

My nutritionist said there’s only so much kick ass in me – so when it’s depleted, my body and mind rebel against me with procrastination and weariness. I then turn to food, which is where the nutritionist comes in handy because you can’t feel too much guilt if you’reΒ eating and watching TV, right?

Mealtime isn’t procrastination – it’s survival. Only I’m surviving on enough to feed a family of five.

When she went through my journal and looked at meals, feelings and needs (that’s what she has me track), recurring themes popped up – the need to feel accomplished, the procrastination and lack of official REAL down time, and the subsequent guilt and shaming I do afterwards when I didn’t kick the ass I thought I should have kicked.

Enter the 6 hour workday plan. For the next two weeks (and hopefully longer if it works), I will have the following schedule:

6-7 AM – I will work – this is check in stuff, customer service, business banking, etc. I will have coffee and a coffeecake during this time as a morning snack.

7-8 AM carpool.

8-9 AM breakfast for 30 minutes and relaxation for 30 minutes.

9-11 AM – work. Money tasks.

11 AM-12 PM – lunch break – 30 minutes of eating, 30 minutes of TV or relaxation

12 PM-3 PM – Work. Money tasks.

3 PM-4 PM – carpool with a snack

5 PM-6 PM downtime with my kids – homework, hearing about their day, fixing dinner

6 PM – dinner for 30 minutes.

6:30-7:30 PM spend time with the kids, relaxing, and having fun.

7:30-8:30 PM bath time

8:30-9 PM more time with the kids or read, etc. (Yea! I like this already)

9-10 PM – check in on business real quick and then spend the rest of the hour thinking about my business direction before bed. This will be relaxing and fun – stuff I’m passionate about, not boring tasks and responsibilities – how I want to change the world stuff – even reading to better myself and understand my direction.

So I’m really happy with this schedule.

How many of you do the same thing I was doing? Where you flounder? That’s me right now – a big old flounderer!


Those fish freak me out but guess what? They represent this situation PERFECTLY – know why? Both eyes are on one side of their head – they have no balance, just like I lack balance right now. Even though I can get everything done – house, earnings, etc., it is still feeling pressured and I need permission to enjoy life. That’s a BIG problem area for me.

For example, buying that furniture? I enjoy the hell out of it – but I’m instantly thinking, “debt, bills, must work harder…”

I NEED to allow myself to enjoy that furniture – it was needed. I can’t wait to start living life until the debt’s paid off in full. I have to recognize when things are worth the investment or splurge and do it.

So there we have it – from 13 hours a day of working to 6. I wonder how it will impact my business and my profits? Obviously, if I need to alter it, I will – but somehow I think it’s going to be one of the best things I’ve ever done.

Tiff πŸ˜‰

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28 Responses to 6 Hour Workday

  1. It is sooooo tricky trying to find that sweet spot of time management where your schedule actually fits your lifestyle, but its worth pursuing it.

    My achievements come from creating and tweaking schedules all the time… it works.

    The trickiest part is always TURNING OFF when you should, but it is wonderful being guilt free when you do – lol!

    • Tiffany says:

      Yes you’re right! I was getting things done – cleaning, work, etc. But I had no down time other than my bath. And even then I was with my cell phone responding to emails sometimes πŸ˜‰

  2. Bonnie Gean says:

    You can’t keep burning the candles at both ends and expect to be standing erect at the end of the day.

    You need time out for you and the family. Take it. You deserve it!

  3. bryan says:

    Always inspired by you…I know I owe you a lot just from teaching me that it’s ok to be transparent and open. You are also teaching me and others that it’s ok to seek help because no one has it altogether. And for those who say that, are not being honest with themselves. This stuff is hard!

  4. good to see a video update… I do miss seeing and hearing you for some reason – lol!

    Was just thinking that you ‘oversold’ your ghostwriting gigs last year, and ended up with projects well into June I think.

    So THAT alone would be a big drain on energy and creative juices, since that is a rat on the wheel type job you locked yourself into for about 9 months… and the money from it was spent 6 months ago – lol!

    Hopefully you are getting near the end of those ghostwriting projects… as that will free up your time incredibly, and should be less of a drag churning out content too

  5. I would love to have a set schedule…and I do try to stick to only working while my oldest two are in school, but with a toddler at home, my days are soooo interrupted! Especially since she’s potty training…those fifteen minute potty breaks every hour are getting so old, lol!

    I think you are going to enjoy your career even more when you give yourself permission to have down time. What’s the point in working for yourself if you work for a slave driver, eh?

    Looking forward to your updates on your new schedule! πŸ™‚

  6. Terry S. says:

    Good to see you again, and looking more relaxed — and happy as all get-out with your new furniture! You remind me of a cat in a field of catnip… LOL

    They say that work expands to fill the time allotted for it, and I’ve found that to be too true.

    I think you’ll find that your reduced work schedule will kick you into high gear during that work time and you’ll be far more productive. You may even astonish yourself! πŸ˜‰

    But once the work time is over, shut the door on it. This should be easier now that you’ll have a work area that _looks_ like a work area. Maybe even cover it with a sheet or something when you’re done (but be careful not to block equipment air vents so you don’t fry it).

    When you leave the “office”, leave it! As your counselors have told you, switch gears and BE in the moment doing what you’ve scheduled to do in that moment.

    It might be hard at first, since you’re addicted to that old pattern (there’s a reason it’s called workaholism!), but knowing you and how important your babies are to you, I’m sure you’ll soon find it easy to manage.

    Here’s to your new lifestyle! [toast]

    By the way, I hear that a savvy lady marketer wrote a great book about achieving life-work balance — maybe you’ve read it? If not, you really should. [grin]

    • Tiffany says:

      I feel all catnip like Terry! LOL

      I like that saying – will have to remember it.

      When I get my real office set up in place of that bar, it’ll be great because it’s behind a wall so I won’t see it all the time either πŸ˜‰

      Toast! *clink*

      LOL My work life balance book is me working 13 hour days and getting lots done – but I never take big chunks of time out. So I’ll have to do a part 2. LOL!

  7. Avery says:

    I don’t normally watch the videos but I did today. You are too cute and I love the accent.

    Excited for you about your 6 hour workday. I know you’ve been doing so much for so long.

    In my own life, I’ve noticed that whenever I go through a big,painful change I go into survival mode. I basically try to get everything done all the time and I feel like I have to be superwoman.

    It takes a while to breakout of that sometimes…be patient with yourself this week, ok? You’re still transitioning and that’s going to be a messy process some days. Be gentle on you…you’re worth it. Sending hugs your way, Tiffany!

  8. Karen De Haan says:

    You so hit the nail on the head.

    “Being total present” in whatever it is you’re doing.

    We did that with our kids when they were growing up (we have a business that we run from home) and it makes them feel special.

    It’s so sad when I’m out and about and I see people with their kids but they’re so glued to their phones…

    And congratulations on your ah-ha moments and so happy for you that you can now see and feel that things are getting better.

    • Tiffany says:

      Yes. I was taking smaller moments but I need entire nights and days with them πŸ™‚ I don’t ever ignore them when we’re out with cell phones though. I see that too – like in restaurants. So sad.

  9. Arun says:

    What a refreshingly honest video.

    Music is the space between the notes. You deserve your rest.

    I hope you realize that you have achieved a helluva lot online to be proud of. You’re like the go to person when it comes to PLR.

    All the best.

  10. Hey Tiff,

    Great post.

    You’re going to find this a BIG difference to begin with!

    Funny you write this today as I just wrote a blog about the importance of sleep… I’ve become a bit disillusioned with the pressure to work harder for longer and I’m just going out there and admitting I love my rest, my time off and my sleep!! LOL

    I think this new chapter is really exciting for you; can’t wait to hear more.


  11. Edie Dykeman says:

    And the best is yet to come. Enjoy!

  12. Kate_H says:

    The work/life balance I find incredibly hard!

    Wednesdays are a non-working day for me but after running a few errands this morning I came into the office around lunchtime to set a couple of backups going and to quickly check emails and I haven’t moved since. I even ate lunch and dinner at my desk and its now 22:29 and I am still “working”.

    Bang went my day off. πŸ™

    The other thing I am guilty of is going to bed and jumping on my iPad and before I know it another couple of hours have gone by with me working remotely.

    If I am doing a particularly fun project I even get to the stage that I start resenting everything that takes me away from the project in question.

    It’s something my OH and I both do and we are aware of it so come crunch time we will both promise to do better (eat at the dining table, no work Wednesday and nothing related to work in the bedroom) and we will be “good” for a week or so and then gradually slip right back into old patterns.

    If this work/life balance does exist then I have yet to find it in the 8 years we’ve worked for ourselves! lol

    • Tiffany says:

      I just talked to my kids about getting a table for us to eat at. I’ve never liked them but we might!

  13. Bev says:

    There’s an old saying, Tiff
    Work ON your business and not IN your business!
    So hard for us “lone rangers” to do but this is what you are being advised to do.
    What does Craig say about the changes?
    Guess you will be getting a “housemaid”? as you have not been allowed time for your “mad cleaner” times? πŸ™‚
    I relate so much to what you are going through – it is my story, except for the divorce bit, but the need to produce income is an ongoing one and it does feel like the mouse on a wheel scene.
    Thanks for sharing and helping think this through. A recurring income is where it is at if we want to have some life… time for ourselves and our loved one. (A product idea!)

    • Tiffany says:

      He agrees with them. Ha! No, I’ll still have to clean πŸ™‚ She said I can do that during my down times.

  14. Cat says:

    The reduced schedule sounds good. I know how easy it is to let work take over the whole day, and still feel like you haven’t got much accomplished. I think setting boundaries around email is especially important, especially when you get a lot of it. You don’t have to reply immediately to provide good service, and reasonable people won’t expect it.

    As for long term goals – maybe you could stop the IM and be a full-time fiction writer πŸ˜€

    • Tiffany says:

      Yes when I checked in last night, I only responded to one – the one that didn’t get their download. Everything else can wait πŸ™‚ Oh I wish I could do fiction!

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