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Do you know what it means when you’re the type of person who clicks on an “About” page?

It means you’re picky about who you follow – and you’re my kind of person!

So let me tell you a little about myself so you can either learn from me, or weed yourself out.

I’m the kind of person who leads with two things – bluntness and by example. I never ask people to do things I don’t do myself, and I’m not afraid to tell you what you need to hear if I believe it can help you build your brand online.

When I first got started on the ‘net, it was as the mother of a sick child, so I had to quickly learn how to make money, get clients and keep them in order to support us.

Fast forward many years of slaving away for others (many rotten scoundrels) and I’d had enough. I let my own personality shine through and speak out against bad practices and what do ya know – it endeared me to many people.

Some, of course, hated me for it.

I’ve been down many online paths with my career – I’ve written and taught how to write eBooks, I’ve worked as and garnered affiliates for sales, I’ve been a freelancer and hired them, too.

But now, fresh on the heels of a major life change (divorce – congratulate me), I’m ready to transition again. For a long time I’ve been working with people on their video blogs and text blogs as well as their web 2.0 (social media) accounts.

Time and time again, I see a common problem. It’s not keyword density or backlinks that are the issue – it’s the fact that most people are painfully unaware of how to make a human connection over the Internet!

That’s where I come in. My goal is to help people lose their fear and learn how to build bonds without having to hate the process.

2015 and beyond will see a greater focus on this element for me with my subscribers because personalization is what:

  • Helps you build a list
  • Helps you acquire fans
  • Helps you convert sales…and more!

Without it … well, you’re nothing more than a sterile spammer and nobody likes those guys.

You’re more than that.

Let me help you achieve a better brand – one that has the potential to go viral based on likability.

There’s an audience for everyone.

You just have to learn how to lure yours in.

Tiff 😉

Share to Help Others!

25 Responses to About

  1. Snna says:

    Hi Tiffany

    I’ve following you for awhile but still haven’t started doing anything. Now it’s really time go get started. You make it sound like I could do it. You are so organize, that’s what need. Where should I start?

    • Tiffany says:

      What’s stopping you from doing anything? You have to pick a niche FIRST. What do you want that to be? Has to be something you’d love to write about daily. Is that cooking? Your kids? relationships? Golf? What is it? Then you start a blog. You blog daily or weekly x several. You then promote things and create things. 🙂

  2. Anna says:

    Had A Good Day

    Thank you

  3. Kelly says:

    Taking a look around your site and I had to stop and let you know I love it! I love your bluntness and how there is no covering up who you are! Thank you for posting and for your willingness to help others! I will surely be in touch soon as I am pretty new to all this and could use some pointers no doubt 🙂 Have a blessed week!

  4. Al says:

    Just sent you an email about a dear friend of mine. I recommended your ghostwriting course to her.

  5. Hi Tiffany, laughed at your first comment on the intro, too true, we get more particular about who we connect with don’t we.

    Just a note to say this was a great watch and read. You have a nice disposition and presence.

    I look forward to connecting more.


  6. Mikaeri says:

    Hi Tiffany, I came cross you through the Warrior Forum with a query on a toys and Amazon..anyway I came across your blog as well and honestly ike what I aee.
    I don’t have my own blog as yet, but am wanting to promote and sell kids toys on Amazon..especially Lego, I just wasn’t sure how to go about it..

    • Tiffany says:

      Ah hopefully the advice helped 😉 Get a toy url without any official product names (brands) and build from there. I like to consider slants, like my top10toys site 😉

  7. Zeyad says:

    Hi i want start GWC how do i start?

  8. Hi Tiffany,
    Nice to meet you! I found you through JVNotify, as I am a new Affiliate Marketer getting my feet wet 🙂 I enjoyed watching your video about you. I look forward to reading future posts!

  9. Hello Tiffany,
    My name is Jim. I am an American living in Thailand married to a beautiful Thai lady.
    I have dabbled in IM off and on over a few years. Owned a few traffic exchanges, text ad exchanges and advertised a fair amount also on other traffic exchanges and made a few bucks along the way.
    But nothing I have done has really been explosive, like holy cow….Maybe you know the feeling.
    Was on IMRC earlier and was browsing the people known for good things and not so good things on there and of course you are listed there. Read the reviews on there, saw your video on your blog and I thought….maybe this is someone who is not full of themself, who truly wants to help people succeed in this world and does seem really approachable. Just exactly the type of person I have been searching for but had yet to find.
    So here I am..I hope I can learn new things from you. I signed on to be an affiliate of you. My goal here is to earn extra spendable money for my wife and I to visit America next year.
    Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself to you. Maybe we can chat real time sometime.
    Take care.

    Jim Axelson

    • Tiffany says:

      Nice to meet you Jim! Thanks for the kind words 😉 I have a good friend who is traveling Thailand right now and she loves it!

  10. Hi Tiffany
    I think you have identified the primary ingredient that is missing for so many people attempting to work online -making that human connection across the ‘digital divide’, it is just stands out, so many adopt that fake, corporate persona, or it is egotistical flim flam!

    People just want to connect with real people who offer value -this is what I hope to do, I like writing, and video. Anyway hope to connect with your materials and community-all the best

  11. william says:

    I really like where your at, even more so now that I have been taking a course and can hear you speak. I have a daughter in Texas that uses the “You’all” a lot, it is very friendly and kind of a person touch. I have been online for a few years but now I am getting real about making money. That is why I took your course. My biggest problem is that I can’t find my voice. I have one person that has told me she likes my personal stories but I am still not sure how or what to weave into the blog. I will keep trying.

    • Tiffany says:

      Ah lol yes many people begin using “y’all” and “all y’all” when they move here. 😉 I’d be happy to share some tips with weaving your story into a blog. If you need to, email me your blog topic and some sort of story blurb and I’ll show you how to weave it in there.

  12. Gordon Longworth says:

    Hi Tiff,

    I started following you quite a few years ago now. It was when you were having one of your sales. Some of the titles interested me, but before buying I asked for a sample of your writing. You sent it almost immediately. I was impressed with the service, and totally sold on the quality.

    I care very much about service and quality, so I wasn’t surprised by the content of your latest blog. It moved me to hit the About tab, and that just confirmed my opinion.

    There are many marketers who hit me every day with the sole object of selling me something. Maybe they are recommending good stuff, but I usually delete them without looking. I’m well aware that their interest is the money and not the help. They couldn’t be more different from you. I’ve learned so much from your newsletters and blogs, not just the technical stuff, but about you and your life.

    I have just started a newsletter. It will be more like yours than theirs.

    Please keep on being different. It brightens my day.

    Best wishes

    Gordon Longworth

    • Tiffany says:

      Oh that’s great Gordon – and thank you for the kind words! Good luck with your newsletter. Forming a bond with your subscribers is so rewarding.

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