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Hi everyone! Two blog tips for you today. One is a lesson and one is a readymade blog post outline for you to take and run with. These are best for health, diet, stress, and for the outline – the list above PLUS relationships, success, parenting, etc.

First, here’s the lesson on the social or blog share-able content with a nice image and lesson that provides both digital and tangible promo opportunity. Forgot to mention that in those red circles, you might put the promos to the tangible items or digital items instead of a tip!

Don’t forget to read below the video for the blog outline!

Now for the outline. I brainstormed this – so use it however you like – as a blog post, social tips, email, video – your choice:

The topic for this one is stress, which we know works well for many niches.

Subject: Reset Your Stress Level Once a Week with Something Small


  1. Drive or Walk to a Secluded, Naturally Beautiful Setting and Enjoy It. (The idea is to spend time in nature – quiet, no people, listening to sounds of wind and animals and water flowing, feeling the sun and emptying your mind of all thoughts).
  2. Pick One Small Area of Your Home and Turn It Into a Stress-Free Zone. (The process of beautifying and turning a space into something they consider relaxing will help them in the moment feel accomplished and be an area they can turn to all week during stressful moments – like a window bay or chaise lounge – can be indoors or out).
  3. Spend 30 Minutes Being as Cozy and Relaxed as Possible. (We often feel guilt having any time for ourselves, so for 30 minutes, put on comfy clothes, curl up in a soft blanket, with a good book or favorite show and no interruptions, sipping a glass or cup of something soothing and not feeling obliged to do or say anything).
  4. Tap Into Your Oblivious Inner Child. (Kids often get so engrossed in their activities, they aren’t paying attention to outside stress. Spend 30 minutes either watching comedy, doing arts and crafts, or even playing with toys – like Legos – to revisit a time when bills, careers and relationships weren’t haunting you).
  5. Indulge in Some Extreme Oxygen Intake. (Spend 30 minutes a week practicing the art of deep breathing. Consider getting a Spire Tracker to help you monitor your breathing so you don’t suffer from iceberg stress syndrome where you’re barely breathing and holding in the stress that runs deep below the surface).

Hope y’all enjoyed this! I’ll be doing more for different niche markets.

Tiff 😉


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19 Responses to Blog Tip Ideas

  1. Ron says:

    Great video and outline Tiff! The wheels are turning now. I definitely would like more of this stuff.

  2. Michelle Williams says:

    Tiffany, these tips are neat! I can use them in my blog, especially the outlines! Thanks for the great nuggets!

  3. Geez! You are brilliant AND generous, which is a great combination for your readers 🙂

    Thank you so much for creating these little ‘genius videos’ to share your ideas. I don’t say it often enough, but I wanted you to know that I appreciate all the work that you do to create and share them for others like me to benefit from.

    Thank you again.


  4. Anne Boyes says:

    Found the outline very helpful, and also the video and ideas about it. Thank you 🙂

  5. Thea Westra says:

    Hi Tiffany,
    Love it! Thank you.
    See what you “made me do”… here:
    Would definitely like to see more posts like this one.
    Thank you again.

    • Tiffany says:

      That’s great! On the section “pick one small area” make sure you swap “they” for “you” – I had written the notes to y’all on that one but forgot to switch it to “you” the reader.” 🙂

  6. Darlene says:

    This is AWESOME! The outline is super helpful. THANKS Tiffany. 🙂

  7. Neill says:

    Excellent stuff Tiffany, thank you.

    Now I’ve copied and pasted your stress tips and incorporated them with my own slant on the Cheat Sheet template you provided recently, and I’ve come up with a “Tips and Resources” type of report. You can see a draft of it here (Note from Tiff: I removed it so others can’t take it from you).

    It’s only a draft because I haven’t monetised it yet. I was considering using affiliate links in the “Tools Resource Section”. What do you think?

    I was going to give the report away as a lead magnet and then offer PLR i.e. selling the Word document so customers could add their own name and affiliate links.

    A further upsell would be to do an over-the-shoulder video on how easy it is to create the report so customers could do it for themselves.

    Once again, thanks for the inspiration and any thought anybody has on this would be more than welcome.


    • Tiffany says:

      Neill that looks AMAZING! As with the other person who commented where I responded, make sure you change “they” to “you” in the second tip. I think this is a great lead magnet. I love the monetization area for tools resources. I don’t think you want to offer PLR to customers – they’re not marketers. They’re ordinary people who will get all confused about PLR. I would simply use this as a lead magnet in the stress relief or other similar niche. Now if you wanted to create a set of PLR lead magnet tip sheets like that (maybe 20 pages worth) along with an upsell tutorial, that’d be good – but that would be targeted toward marketers, not people who would be in need of stress relief and want to buy through those monetized links.

      • Neill says:

        Thanks for the very positive and constructive feedback Tiffany. It’s very much appreciated.

        I’ve almost finished creating 4 similar sized products for IMers in the List Building niche (Niche Selection, The Squeeze Page, Product Creation and Email Marketing). Would that equate to your suggested “maybe 20 pages worth” or am I reading you wrong? Does it need more?

        I understand and accept what you say about not offering PLR to non IMers but I think I could offer PLR and a further upsell of the video tutorial to these List Building customers. In follow up emails I could also consider promoting List Building courses from reputable sources such as Kevin Fahey.


  8. June says:

    Thanks so much for the fabulous ideas, the outline, and your video is really great too!

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