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Using Converzly HTML and Countdown Timers

Hi everyone! I’m going to link to the other Converzly tutorials I have posted here so you can see them all, but today I wanted to share how I’m using the HTML addition and also the countdown timer on this … Continue reading

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Build a Better To Do List

Hi everyone! I’m convinced that one of the reasons I’m able to “get so much done” is because of my to do list strategy. I know many people wake up and fly by the seat of their pants, but not … Continue reading

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Help People Navigate Your Topics for Traffic and Book Sales

Hi everyone! I had a website traffic and also book publishing aha moment yesterday when I was shopping with my daughter yesterday in this store called Forever 21 and I realized what an insane mess it was. Not strewn, but organizational-wise. … Continue reading

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The Marketplace Is Breeding an Ethical Nightmare

Hi everyone! I get asked to promote stuff many times per day. Emails, private messages, DMs – one after the other approach me and MOST don’t know me or what I promote to my list, they’ve just seen my name … Continue reading

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It’s Hard Not to Rush Things, Isn’t It?

I’m like everyone else pursuing online marketing – I want a combination of career satisfaction and fast income. I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t want that pairing. But sometimes, when we rush things, we give up both of those … Continue reading

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Checking for Additional Payment Opportunities

Hi everyone! Watch the quick video below.

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