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Checking for Additional Payment Opportunities

Hi everyone! Watch the quick video below.

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Help Your Audience Become More Competent

Hi everyone! Nothing is more powerful for your success than having true testimonials and the success of others under your belt. I think many marketers gloat about how many items were sold, but they should be looking at how many people … Continue reading

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The Right Way to Network with Other Bloggers

Hi everyone! One of my readers asked me what they could do to better network with other bloggers. Typically, you participate on their blog, comment – friend them on FB and get to know them. But if you want to … Continue reading

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Silly Way to Brainstorm Blog Topics or Social Posts

Hi everyone! I crave brainstorming on a regular basis. I’m most happy when I’m trying to think of new ways to do things. The other day I was thumbing through one of my resources for my fiction branch when it … Continue reading

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How Do You Find People to Promote Your Product?

Hi everyone! You need to map out a plan to find JV partners and affiliates. You never just want to launch and hope people decide it’s worthy of a promo. Before Looking, Consider Who You Want Associated With Your Product … Continue reading

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Socialization for Product Launch Success

Hi everyone! The reason it’s important is that people recommend products AND people (entrusting people in your care can be scary if they value their reputation). Don’t socialize ABOUT your product launch at first. Talk about other things. Save the … Continue reading

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