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4 Things Newbies Should Invest in (and What They Should Ignore)

Hi everyone! Shopping smart is probably one of the best things you can learn how to do when you’re new or struggling as an online entrepreneur. I can’t tell you how many times someone emails me saying they’ve bought hundreds … Continue reading

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Newbie’s Tip for Working with Stock Images

Hi everyone! This is for my image newbies – those of us who steer clear of working with images because, well – we suck at it. I have a tip! It’s about transparent backgrounds. Hope it helps because we’ll be … Continue reading

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Give Me a Year of Your Best Efforts

Hi everyone! Oh boy. You clicked through. Brave. I’m proud of you. If you’re reading this, you’re probably one of two types of people. The first have seen some small successes and are ready to ramp it up and earn … Continue reading

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2017 Breakthrough Calls

Hi everyone! My mentor, Craig Desory, the guy who took me from 65k to over six figures consistently, gave me SIX free breakthrough coaching calls with him to give my list. Now some people are terrified of coaching calls because … Continue reading

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Why the Deceptive Bonus Slant?

Hi everyone! Someone emailed me this morning about a topic that’s always irked me, so since she asked, I plan on spotlighting this subpar practice today. It’s about bonuses. Specifically, here’s what happens… You, the buyer, get an email saying … Continue reading

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They Don’t Design Internet Marketing Around You

Hi everyone! There’s a wonderful perk about being an online entrepreneur – we can do whatever the hell we want to do. But only to some degree. Want to be a blogger? Gotta learn how to build the blog technically … Continue reading

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