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Niche Idea Brainstorm for the Birds

Hi everyone! Sometimes I see a niche idea and although it’s not one I want to pursue, I know someone else might – so I decide to brainstorm for it and share it with you. I was scrolling a news … Continue reading

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Honing Your Persuasive Skills

Hi everyone! When it comes to Internet marketing, you need to have a certain personality characteristic in order to be successful. You have to be persuasive. Not everyone has this skill, but luckily – it’s one that can be learned. Persuasive … Continue reading

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Are You a Gullible Buyer or Seller?

Hi everyone! Every day it seems there is some sort of situation where I see someone acting kind of gullible. Just to clarify, gullible doesn’t mean stupid. It simply means you’re easily persuaded to believe something. I’ve done it too. … Continue reading

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Perform Internet Marketing Like You Play Golf

Hi everyone! Whenever I look at how Internet Marketing (IM) is done, I always instantly think of “ethics.” You either have them or you don’t. And let’s not make a mistake and think ethics only implies you promote good products, … Continue reading

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What If People Dislike Your Product?

Hi everyone! This is a fear we all have. I still have it (ouch sorry – you thought it would go away). But it does get better. Here’s what you need to know. 1. They will dislike it.  WHAT? That’s not comforting, … Continue reading

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Every Product Is a How to Product

Hi everyone! No product is mind blowing. None. Hate to break it to you, but you’re not inventing the phone or discovering electricity – you’re simply sharing good information in a thorough way. Some you get more nuggets out of … Continue reading

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