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Hi everyone! No product is mind blowing. None. Hate to break it to you, but you’re not inventing the phone or discovering electricity – you’re simply sharing good information in a thorough way.

Some you get more nuggets out of or enjoy more than others. (toe curling). Someone mentioned sometimes being disappointed in knowing 75% of the information in a book they buy, but think of it optimistically – you’re getting a 25% boost in knowledge. That’s great!

I consider products like a stepping stone – every rung on the ladder it helps me climb is a positive thing.

Quit trying to think of some dramatic twist and concentrate on being a good sharer.

Start with a How To Outline and later change your titles. Let’s look at two niche examples.

How to Relieve Stress – book title

then your chapter titles…

– How to Use Aromatherapy
– How to Eliminate Toxic People from Your Life
– How to Eat Better for Less Stress
– How to Get More Sleep
o How to turn your bedroom into a sanctuary
o How to use white noise for better sleep
* How to figure out which white noise works for you.
* How to shop for a good deal on a white noise machine

Turn that outline into a non How to Outline:

6 Ways to Destress Your Life in an Instant – book title

Then turn your chapter titles into non how to titles…

– Use Common Scents That Soothe Your Soul
– Say Goodbye to People Who Drag You Down Into Depression
– Eat to Fortify Your Body and Mind Against Stress
– Sleep More, Stress Less
o Décor and Design That Decreases the Occurrence of Insomnia
o Block Out Sleep Interruptions With a White Noise Machine

Now let’s look at a different niche – and how to create a broad how to outline and then turn it into a specific slanted outline for one target audience…

How to Make Money Ghostwriting – book title that’s for a broad, catch-all audience

– How to find out if your writing is good enough.
– How to create a portfolio if you have no clients.
– How to write a good profile.
– How to get ghostwriting clients
o How to get clients on Elance.
o How to find clients on marketing forums
* How to use a signature file to get more business
* How to approach clients with a freebie for more work deal

Now – think about the various target audiences for ghostwriting. Stay at home moms, people who need supplemental incomes, retirees, and something in the news lately – college students and grads who see ZERO job prospects. So let’s choose them to morph our how to outline into a slant just for them.

Ghostwriting for College Graduates Who Can’t Find Work – new book title

– Can you write for consumers instead of your professor?
– Replace term papers with a talent-showcasing portfolio
– Playing up your college experience with prospective clients
– Finding clients who love hiring college grads for ghostwriting jobs
o Paid and free markets for student ghostwriters
o Socialize your way to success (since they love web 2.0, we could talk about finding clients that way AND making sure they don’t have shady stuff online that might hurt them)

Forex, dog training, dating, making money, health – they all fit the how to outline model. I can’t think of one that doesn’t.

Tiff 😉

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3 Responses to Every Product Is a How to Product

  1. Edward says:

    Sound advice once again! I just love how you come up with these great idea’s and share them with us.
    Even though it is all rehashed stuff it is unique in itself as it is from a different point of view.

    Which is why I love info marketing as we can take one article and re create it in different formats and have a total different way of expressing it.

    All The Best!
    Your Fan
    Edward Haberthur

  2. hagar says:

    Solid, actionable, and accurate…
    Damn, you’re good!

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