For My People Who Never Seem to Make Progress

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Hi everyone! Okay bend over – time for a Texas sized boot kick for those who are not being as productive as they need to be with one or more parts of their business.

This week, we’re going to micro task. And when I say micro, I mean you’ll need a magnifying glass to see these tasks.

Why micro task? Because you get things done without feeling overwhelmed and it builds momentum. You actually become more productive focusing on doing less than you would sitting there dreading doing something more

And those little tasks are going to add up to something BIG!

So I’m going to show you a few examples and you pick which projects are most important to you and implement some micro tasking this week.

Step #1: List your projects.

So some things you may need to work on this week might include:

  • Setting up a blog
  • Creating an eBook
  • Social networking

Let’s say those are your top 3.

Step #2: List the broad tasks.

Setting up a blog

  • Buy a domain
  • Get hosting
  • Install WordPress

Creating an eBook

  • Think of a topic
  • Outline the chapters
  • Write the full eBook

Social networking

  • Figure out which social networks give the best ROI for your niche
  • Set up accounts
  • Begin posting on them

Step #3: Take the first broad step and create a micro task list.

Setting up a blog

  • Buy a domain
    1. Use a keyword tool to brainstorm relevant niche words and phrases
    2. Open GoDaddy and see if the domains you want are available
    3. Find a dot com GoDaddy coupon code for the month and year
    4. Purchase the domain without adding all of the extra stuff to it.

Creating an eBook

  • Think of a topic
    1. Use a keyword tool to research the niche keywords and topics
    2. Look in your niche forums to see what people are asking
    3. Look on Amazon or B&N to see what book titles sell well
    4. Think of a slant that would be a twist or something improved on

Social networking

  • Figure out which social networks give the best ROI for your niche
    1. Write down a list of social networks you’re considering
    2. Go to competitor websites that are successful and click on their social links
    3. Analyze which platforms are working best for them w/engagement and shares
    4. Cross off anything not working well and prioritize best platforms

Step #4: Attack your micro task list.

So what you want to do if these are your three projects are:

  1. For the setting up a blog task, do this: Use a keyword tool to brainstorm relevant niche words and phrases.
  2. For the creating an eBook task, do this: Use a keyword tool to research the niche keywords and topics.
  3. For the social networking task, do this: Write down a list of social networks you’re considering.

Keep your list of all of the tasks handy so you can cross them off and see progress being made.

Each of those tasks might only take 5 minutes to complete. So 15 minutes later, you may be able to move on to the next level of micro tasks.

Spend your day today (or tomorrow) creating this simple micro task list for your projects and then start implementing them.

This is a big mindset shift for you because suddenly, you were productive today. Even if ALL you have is 15 minutes, you got stuff DONE!

At the end of the day, you might be able to say, “I got 6 things done today,” rather than, “I didn’t complete a single project.” That’s defeating and it makes the whole business seem overwhelming.

Another quick tip- don’t drag this stuff out longer than it needs to be. I see people spending 3 hours on social networking. For WHAT!? You should be able to pop in and out of there in 2-5 minutes or so.

Scroll, engage with people and click out and get to work on other stuff. Don’t write posts that you plan to share while you’re ON Facebook, either. You’ll keep hearing dings and seeing messages and you’ll get distracted.

Write your posts OFF the site and go in, paste and interact with people, and then LEAVE.

I’ll share my micro task list that I’m doing today with you here (and mine includes home and work):

  • Redry clothes in dryer (because I procrastinated lol)
  • Email my list
  • Transcribe 1 video of Challenge
  • Write next paragraph of fiction story (yes, just a paragraph because even a page seems daunting at times)
  • Make grocery list
  • Copy slides for new challenge

That’s it! It’s simple, but instead of “do laundry,” “finish challenge PLR,” “Write chapter 2,” or “grocery shopping,” I simply jot down the micro tasks. If I get all this done – great! I move on to the next level.

Tiff 😉

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26 Responses to For My People Who Never Seem to Make Progress

  1. Marina says:

    Thank you Tiffany!!

  2. Rose says:

    Great tips Tiff! I am using a similar system this year from a book called “The 12-Week Year” – I keep track of all my weekly and daily “microtasks” in a spreadsheet and using Trello. It’s flippin’ amazing! I have gotten more done this year already than I ever would have expected, and it really helps me stay on track. (I am one of those who is always overwhelmed by all I have to do – with a full-time job plus 5 blogs, 3 websites, and multiple social media accounts and a husband and huge garden it’s not surprising! 🙂 – so I wasn’t sure it would really help that much but it really does!)

    • Tiffany says:

      Oh love it! Also, the main time consuming part would be just sitting down one day to brainstorm those micro tasks but once that’s done – it’s amazing how much you achieve!

    • Dr. Joe says:

      Rose, thank you very much for mentioning the book “The 12-Week Year”. I’m always interested in learning and especially appreciate a recommendation from someone with as much going on as you do. If you say it’s “flippin’ amazing” I’m interested. Amazon Prime, here I come…

      I also have to admit a bit of ignorance. I’ve never heard of Trell0. Something else for me to check out.

      Thanks again for your post.


  3. Theresa says:

    LOL! Love the Texas-sized kick in the butt! We all need it occassionally! 🙂

    Thank you for this post! I’ve been getting stuff done, but I feel that I’ve been spinning my wheels a lot and getting overwhelmed. But by making a micro list, I can tackle big projects just one step at a time. Thanks for this!

    As the saying goes, the ant moves the mountain one grain at a time.

    The trick is to keep moving forward and not giving up.

    Sometimes, I’m guilty of looking at the big picture and getting overwhelmed, or I try to do everything at once. By focusing on just one little aspect of the project, it’s not nearly as daunting.

    Thanks, again, for these wonderful ideas!


  4. Edward says:

    Great post here Tiffany!
    I have been working off like a list I know I need to write it down.

    for me it is getting my product to market.
    So what I am doing is just working one part at a time. I did start out with the ebooks sales letter and I am happy that it is done. Now I am working on the ebook it self.

    Then I will work on another part once I am done with the ebook I do not want to overwhelm myself with to much to do so I am taking it one part at a time.

    I believe I can get the ebook written within a few hours today I do not want to rush it so I take my time.

    All The Best
    Your Fan
    Edward Haberthur

    • Tiffany says:

      Great progress Edward! You got the hard part out of the way, too – for most people – sales copy!

      • Edward says:

        well it is the sales copy that is part of the pack that is inside that goes with the ebook thought I would try that one out before I write the main copy for the plr product itself. I have to have all the components written before I write my main copy. So I have something to go off of when writing the copy.

        All The Best
        Your Fan
        Edward Haberthur

  5. Tawnee says:

    That’s very helpful. I really need that motivations. Feeling overwhelmed has paralyzed me recently so I need to think about it this way. Thank you for the kick that I needed.

  6. Deb Rodriguez says:

    Your timing is so perfect, Tiff. I’m making the leap to put my business tasks first, and I need to break it down just like my contract jobs. Thanks!

  7. Gwyneth says:

    This is so helpful Tiff, thanks for sharing. It is just what I need to hear right now. For the last couple of months we have been having work done on the house and I have not done anything at all on my fiction. Dust and plaster everywhere and the dog going mad every time the builders show up LOL So doing just a little would have been better than none.
    We are having to have full house electrics done next – another month or more so your micro tasks are going to be the answer to my stressed out brain!

  8. LauraOinAK says:

    I am starting to do this. And, if my printer cooperates….I plan to fully track where I spend my time each day. I hear it can be an eye opener.

  9. Kay says:

    This is just the kick in the butt I needed Tiffany! Thank you so much 🙂
    I’m now getting my micro list organised and am confident that THIS time, I’m really going to make HUGE progress!
    As someone who has procrastination down to an art form, I’m excited to see my progress over a week.

  10. Cyril almond says:

    Good stuff Tiffany I have yet to get me head above the parapet. I should say trench with my background. Maybe that is a bit of the fear. God Bless Cyril.

  11. Iris says:

    As always, PERFECT TIMING!

    I finally got around to reading this blog post due to PROCRASTINATION! 🙁 It’s the kick in the pants that I need!

    You always break things down so nicely and give such clarity and simplification to an idea or concept. That’s a talent (and gift) you have, Tiff.

    I really appreciate you taking the time to share your talents with us. 🙂

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