Getting Your Products to Convert Takes TONS of Time

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Hi everyone! I was scrolling through a forum today and someone had posted a link to this video (below). I watched it – because content is what we all need to understand – and it was SO good. I wanted to share it with you here:

Rand Fishkin (never heard of him) from created the video. I love how he explains what almost never happens – and how big of a commitment you really have to have if you want even that 2% conversion rate – much less anything greater.

This is a great reminder for why you need persistence, confidence, consistency and BRANDING to make money. You flat out can’t plop some content up once or twice (no matter HOW great it is) and expect to break in.


So this is why your first foray into product creation won’t be a big winner if you’ve been quiet this whole time. This is why you need to get out there and socialize and network. Saying, “I’m just shy” as your excuse for not having a personality or putting yourself out there and expecting to succeed is like a 500 pound person expecting to win an Olympic swimming competition, but saying they’re too tired to practice – but they’re willing to get in the pool on competition day.


You have to continually blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Email, participate in forums, and more. If you find it exhausting, that’s because it can be! That’s why having a passion for your topic is imperative.

And when he talks about 7 times or more – that’s not 7 of your blog posts in a row. Keep that in mind, too! The 7 times that prospective buyer returns might be 7 times in the span of 6 months – or more – because not everything you blog about is going to be relevant to them.

So just how exhausted are you? Have you felt like “When is it ever going to happen – the following an loyal buyers?” Ask yourself how consistently and how long you’ve been really trying hard to impress your audience. Be honest. Yo know if you’ve been halfassing it or not.

Maybe it’s time to buckle down and give this IM career a true test of your strengths?

Tiff 😉

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2 Responses to Getting Your Products to Convert Takes TONS of Time

  1. Joe says:

    Great post. I talk to a lot of people who rely too much on a couple pieces of epic content. Fame is fleeting in this biz. You have to constantly produce great stuff.

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