How Do You Find People to Promote Your Product?

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Hi everyone! You need to map out a plan to find JV partners and affiliates. You never just want to launch and hope people decide it’s worthy of a promo.

Before Looking, Consider Who You Want Associated With Your Product

Initially, you might not care who promotes it – you just want as many people onboard as possible.

Only … that’s not always good, either.

You want ethical promoters. You don’t want spammers who use shady tactics to promote your product because people WILL associate YOU with that – especially if they affiliate is trying to make it appear as if the promotion is being put out directly by you and not under their own names.

Not only that, but bad traffic makes your own conversion rates tank.

Who do I like to promote my products?

People like me – sort of. I like people who have a loyal following because of their commitment to recommend quality items to their customers.

I don’t care for affiliates who will promote anything and everything. So be choosy. If you’re using a site like JVZoo or something, don’t whitelist everyone – whitelist people you know and who can tell you how they’ll be promoting.

Otherwise you might have someone using stolen credit cards or hacked PayPal accounts, getting their commission quickly and leaving you holding the bag for all the chargebacks.

Now you’ll be ready to go out and actively search for people to promote your product. Let’s look at how to do that:

Get affiliates by contacting affiliates that are already promoting in that niche.

Go to a site like ClickBank or JVZoo or Warrior Plus and look up product names in your same niche. Then Google the competition product name + the word review. You’ll find people with blogs reviewing or promoting that product.

Contact them and say, “Hey I noticed you have a review of (product name) on your blog! I’m in the same niche and I wanted to give you a complimentary copy of my product for you to review (or promote) to see if you’d be interested!”

Never ask to send it – just send the download links. Don’t make them take even ONE more step to get there.

Get affiliates by contacting other product creators – your competition.

Remember what I always say about people buying products in a niche – they usually buy multiple resources. Sometimes consecutively, and sometimes all at once. This is true in most niche markets.

If you had a list of 10,000 buyers of your product, wouldn’t you consider promoting another product in that niche? Don’t get hung up on the word “competitor” – think of them as “fellow niche marketers” who can get into a mutually beneficial promotion arrangement with you.


Depending on the niche, recruit your customers to become affiliates.

I used to do this all the time until I forgot about it. I remembered when doing this blog post. This is a strategy that works in an obvious way with the IM niche – but can also work in other niches.

What you do is, at the end of your course (for me, the last page of the PDF), you put something like this:

“Did you enjoy the course? If so, I invite you to earn 50% commission on each sale if you choose to recommend it to others. Check out the fully loaded affiliate toolbox here and start earning today!”

If it’s not an obvious “make money online” niche and they may not know what “affiliate marketing” means, then you can say something like this (let’s use a scrapbook product example):

“Do you have a scrapbooking blog or Pinterest account where you talk to others about scrapbooking online? Well if you enjoyed this course, I’m willing to give you a 50% commission every time someone buys it through a link with your ID in it! Check out how that works here and maybe you can earn more cash for your scrapbooking habit today!”

Regular people (non IMers) have blogs, Facebook pages, join groups, etc., online – you just may need to send them to a page that explains what affiliate marketing is in layman’s terms so they can start promoting your product.

Put your product up in multiple affiliate systems.

Don’t just use one program – affiliates always have preferences on what they’ll promote. Put your product up for all of the main affiliate marketing systems – JVZoo, Warrior Plus, ClickBank, Amazon, etc.

Promote your affiliate program, not just your product.

This is something I really need to remember. I had one guru who used to outsource his eBook creation to me. His MAIN concern? Not the product at all. He knew by hiring me that it would be good.

He spent all of HIS time promoting his affiliate program. He wanted that affiliate program thriving because then HE had to do less work to attract buyers and convert them.

You know how you focus so much on promoting your blog, getting traffic and backlinks to it, etc? Well promote your affiliate program the same way. Target keyword phrases like, “Make Money Online” and “guitar affiliate program,” if the guitar niche is your niche.

Once you create an amazing affiliate toolbox, then you’ll want to promote IT in addition to the actual product you’ve created.

Tiff 😉

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4 Responses to How Do You Find People to Promote Your Product?

  1. Mrs Ray says:

    WOW, such valuable info and GENIUS … tyvm

  2. Diane says:

    Thanks Tiffany, these same principals apply to those who have a business that they’re trying to promote and grow, especially online. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  3. Edward says:

    Of course this advice is so great! I just love how you talked about promoting your affiliate program. One day down the road not right away though I do plan on setting up FB ads for just my affiliate offers not just my launches but also when I have my store up and running I plan on doing the same for the store to get affiliates to promote the store.

    All The Best!
    Your Fan
    Edward Haberthur

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