How to Get Started with Social Media

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Hi everyone! A great question came in from someone who is pretty versatile in terms of understanding computers and how the Internet operates, but has never been on social media and has heard all the warnings about it.

So let’s dig into the scenario and look at the best practices you should follow.Β 

You won’t need every social network.Β 

When it comes to your business efforts, you don’t need to overwhelm yourself by signing up for anything and everything. You will learn as you go, trying new sites, to see which one works best for your niche.

Take Pinterest, for example. This is a great site for anything that can be represented visually – like tangible products for sale (toys, clothes, etc.). It’s also great for concepts where you can present an image that conveys it.

For example, if I show you this image, what instantly comes to your mind?

Probably things like meditation, stress relief, relaxation, right? So when you can share images that reflect a person’s interest, that site would be right for you.

The basic site you’ll most likely need is Facebook. It’s great for so many things – groups, video, pages, profiles, advertising. So I’d definitely get that one.

Others you might consider, depending on the niche are Pinterest (again, great for visuals or inspiring niches), Google Plus (a staple I use because it’s Google – they’re going to index your links!), Twitter if you want to (I don’t use it for anything other than fiction anymore), and of course things like YouTube – which is a weird mix of video and social).

Should you be yourself?

Hmm. That depends. Do you have a boss who isn’t supposed to know you’re building a separate business? If so, then no – don’t be yourself. Be a pen name.

But if that’s not the case, then I’d most likely go with being yourself. You can be a business if you want, but even a business has a person leading it.

For bonding with your audience, I highly recommend it. But yes, you can develop a brand with personality, too – so if it puts your job in jeopardy, don’t risk your real name.

How to learn about them:

So you don’t know anything about Facebook, or Pinterest or whatever. Before you go buying a course, I would first read over the site’s basics. Sign up to it and play around with it while reading the help stuff.

So if I go to a search engine and type inΒ Facebook Help, I find this page:Β

There, they’ll answer your basic questions about names, notifications, settings, etc. Always go through all of this BEFORE you go out there and buy a course.

After, if you want strategy stuff for the social site, then buy a course on it. Like a Facebook Marketing or FB Ads course, for example.

Always buy from someone reputable and for crying out loud, PLEASE read the sales copy. It should tell you what they’re teaching.

If you wonder if it’s a good investment, ask someone trustworthy if they recommend it or not.

Most important things to remember…

When you’re there to build a business, you need to remember that this isn’t the place for political rants or a raunchy sense of humor. Now sometimes I talk politics or laugh at a crude joke, but I’m not pushing things like that out there in a way that riles anyone up.

Your job is to share, inspire, motivate, and help people by serving their needs. You do that by focusing on the topics they need help with.

If you get shy – just remember, they’re not there to analyze you or your looks. They’re following you because they need HELP with something, and when you’re focused on your own needs like they are, you couldn’t care less whether someone has wrinkles or too much fat in their face.

You just want a solution.

So show up and serve, as my mentor, Craig Desorcy always says.

Tiff πŸ˜‰

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2 Responses to How to Get Started with Social Media

  1. Mike Wilson says:

    Do you recommend a personal profile or a Facebook page for business building? And if a page, would you brand yourself or the niche?

    • Tiffany says:

      Well if it’s a page your people have to follow the page for you to connect with them, whereas with a personal profile, you can friend them. You want both, actually. You can brand either way – both work, and you can combine it so that you’re known in your niche, so Mike Wilson the Survival guru or whatever.

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