It’s Not About Earning Like I Do

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Hi everyone! I’m going through all the email responses that came in when I sent out my income report. People have questions, they’re excited and they find the information motivating (as I do when I read other peoples’ reports).

But I want you to remember something…

Many of you are commenting that you want to “do exactly what I do” so you can see if you get the same results.

Bad mindset!

Our skills are all different, our interests are all unique and it makes a HUGE difference in your level of success.

My point of sharing my income report wasn’t to help a bunch of carbon copies succeed online, but to show you how the process of tweaking your business to your own tastes and preferences can be so lucrative.

Some of you are now thinking, “Screw my personal preferences – I need money! I’ll do whatever you’re doing, whether or not I like it and I’ll change gears later.”


Let’s look at one branch of my business – PLR. I have developed skills for this area such as taking a speed reading course that allows me to quickly research and absorb tons of information and learn about a topic adequately so I can write about it.

I also initially had a name built up for myself as a ghostwriter to the gurus (John Reese, Rich Schefren, etc. Some top names). So when I launched PLR initially, I had some momentum because other marketers were now able to buy the same content packs written by the voice behind many top marketers’ niche sites.

I can write about 5 pages an hour. I’ve done over 40 pages a day when I put my mind to it. So I can create a massive income from something whereas it might take you much longer, with much more of a struggle, depending on how adept you are at research and writing.

Let’s look at another branch – digital affiliate reviews. If I’m telling you I’m making a ton of money with 60% conversions on a product, it’s not something you can mimic right off the bat.


Because I’ve taken time to build a very responsive list (it’s small at just under 12,000) but it responds MASSIVELY when I promote – 20-60% or more. That’s been done over time, making sure I methodically review products, avoid promoting trash and earn my customers’ trust.

When I see a product, I can either afford to buy it for a review, or I can request a review copy and get it – because the vendor knows if I end up promoting, it’s going to benefit them big time. I also get perks of commission bumps sometimes if someone wants me to promote. I still won’t promote if it’s not good, but it is a perk if I find it viable for my audience.

You might not have the kind of clout initially that gets you free review copies, advance notice and commission bumps – and you may not have a list that converts well, or one at all. Yet.

It can be built, but it takes time. It’s not an overnight thing if you’re desperate for money.

I didn’t all of a sudden come online and launch as a marketer. I had to work my ass off as a ghostwriter first. It wasn’t until six long years later that I began making myself a client (finding time in my schedule to pencil in client Tiffany) to work on my own shit to launch that I began making traction and being able to cut off the ghostwriting branch forever.

I put myself out there and was so uncomfortable I wanted to vomit. My hands would shake. I felt like I couldn’t breathe. But I did interviews, launched products I took great care in producing, and developed a strong relationship with those who trusted me enough to get on my list.

I spent time learning things I didn’t want to have to do (because I was scared), but I did it anyway. Dreading something can either motivate you to get it over with so you quit feeling dread, or flatten you in the road where you’re out of the game for good.

Everything I do – whether it’s trying to earn money as a fiction writer who self publishes, creating PLR, promoting tangible and digital affiliate products, etc., is all done my own way.

I FrankenTiff everything I learn. That means I devour tons of courses, take what I like, leave what I don’t, and then piece it together like Frankenstein to make it what I deem powerful, satisfying and capable.

Along the way, year after year, as you see – I tweak it. I’m never satisfied. I always want growth.

People are asking about my source of income. It is:

  • PLR Launches
  • Affiliate promotions of digital courses, PLR and tools
  • Tangible affiliate profits (like niche sites for toys, survival, etc.)
  • Kindle fiction (yes, still earning from stuff I did a long time ago)
  • Info product creations (my challenges still sell)

But if I were to tell you to “promote digital products as an affiliate,” you might find one, set up a blog post to promote it and flop – then wonder why. It’s because I worked on making a list that converts, I got a review copy (or bought it), I went through it and honestly gave a thorough review with my $0.02 – yes, the bad too – even if it was a friend’s product.

So it’s fine to learn from me, but like I said in the other blog post – do it to failure. Implement to failure. Do it until you exhaust every iota of effort you have in your body and brain.

Whenever I read someone else’s income report, like Mike from Maine or Pat Flynn’s income report, I’m not looking to replicate their entire system. I’m looking to see if it there are any tips or strategies overall I might pick up.

Let me share an example with you. I read Mike’s latest income report and I noticed he had a section of earnings from interviews. I rarely put myself out there for interviews anymore, but I thought, “This might be a good thing to do as a bonus or warm up email for my promotions.”

So I gained insight from his post. It also made me realize as a vendor, I should offer interviews, too. Helps my affiliates.

Some people asked how do I plan my income…

I literally print out monthly calendars (2 for each month) and one says “Affiliate” at the top and the other says “Schedule.” The schedule one is for my own stuff – PLR creation, fiction, info products, blog posts, etc. The Affiliate one has launch dates and names listed. I may not have time to promote everyone I put on there (Since I have to go through products to review) but I have it listed in case I find free time.

It also helps me create a schedule for bonus creation.

I don’t coach people. I got a lot of requests for that after sending out my income report. What I DO do is share what I’m doing. But the BEST thing I can recommend for you is probably honestly not to get a coach.

To me, it’s not a positive thing. It’s better to learn, implement and tweak on your own. Why? Because most people who coach have their own strict way of doing things. When you veer off, it isn’t in line with what they’re teaching. I’m of the mindset that you won’t like everything I do and say, so you SHOULD only pick and choose certain things from me that fit your style.

It’s fine to have mentors and network to get ideas, but as an entrepreneur, I REALLY want y’all to approach this as empowering making your own decisions and finding your own way, rather than defeating.

I keep seeing, “I started but then stopped..” This is why many of you are failing – no follow through. Follow through to failure (exhaustion, not meaning actual failing). Period.

One thing I hope to do with the series on income is keep mySELF in line with my schedule and not get complacent with my business again. It’s so easy to tell yourself, “Well the bills are paid – you’re tired, just relax.” I won’t enjoy the thrill of growth if I do that.

My main focus over the coming year is to get back to growing a responsive list, get back to blogging consistently, and level up my efforts in all of my existing business branches.

Tiff 😉

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4 Responses to It’s Not About Earning Like I Do

  1. Totally get ya Tiff. I did plan to go into plr. Got your course on it and let it be. My ghostwritings working but I wasn’t really working it and getting out there. That’s what I done and it’s made a huge difference. I’ll branch out one day but not while I know I can scale, make new connections and enter new spaces through contacts.

    Learn from others for sure. But learn what’s more important for yourself. I know what I’m doing in the ghosting space and it’s fun and profitable. To branch out into a different biz model, it’s time I don’t have.

    My problem is things quiten. Then I reckon it’s time to branch out. Then I try. Then things pick up. Nature of the work. When it’s quiet, get marketing. Don’t bail.

  2. Roxanne Jones says:

    I like you……thanks for being so truthful…..

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