My Implementation Review of PotPieGirl’s Pinterest Success Strategies

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Hi everyone! I started implementing PotPieGirl (Jennifer Ledbetter)’s Pinterest Success Strategies course and I plan on adding to this blog post until I’ve finished with my review.

Day 1:

First off, I read the intro guide. Right away, I found out how to do something I hadn’t yet done or didn’t know I needed to do. And I like her strategy of set-up and categorization.

I’m using my golf niche site (which is new) to implement this course, and also trying out some strategies with my survival and toy niches too, but on the golf one, I have zero followers or pins to start with.

After reading the intro guide, I dig into the main big guide. Right off the bat, I like the way she has me seeing this site as something completely different from what I thought it was – and it’s actually much better for marketers when you approach it this way.

Jennifer dispels a few of my worries/questions that I had because I didn’t know how to use the power of the site correctly. The way I was doing it wasn’t as effective. The way she’s suggesting we use it is completely different.

I like how she goes over common problems and offers a fix to them if you’ve been doing it wrong, too. I went in and fixed some issues and I can totally see how it can help now. I actually didn’t know you could do one of the things she mentions.

Also had no clue that I could be leveraging other peoples’ success for my own board. Tried out a tool she uses. Very easy to use. I was going to use that tool but I can also do it with PowerPoint and Paint so while it’s one step further, I’ll probably just do that since I’m used to it.

And I’m on mistake #4 now and yep, I make this mistake with every pin I do. Lovely. Oh wow I just followed her advice and my pin looks SO much better!

It went from this:

To this:

Yeah, that is WAY more Pin-worthy! Did the extra step she mentions for angles too. Oh shoot. I forgot, until I got to Mistake #5, one thing she said to switch up.  Went and fixed it. It’s kind of like split testing in a weird way.

Oh! Power Pinner tip she shared just hit me big time.

Ouch! Mistake #7 I was making too. No wonder I barely hit on success using this site. LOL!

Will pick back up on Mistake #8 in the Pinterest Success Strategies course next time.

Day 2:

I am REALLY wanting to use her strategies with my other non golf account. Because I know that account (which has toys and survival stuff in particular) is already getting traffic and I have blogs going on those, so I may test drive her advice there.

She talking in mistake #8 about a strategy having to do with frequency and sharing. I would have normally thought it was the opposite, but I can totally see her reasoning now.

I switched my other account to a business account so I could implement her tips there. I did what she said for Mistake #8 and also created a new pin. I’d like to be on a schedule for this.

As for the tool she recommends, I signed up but didn’t set it up yet. I don’t want to automate anything until I fully know what I’m doing. LOL! It does have some AMAZING features though strategy wise. It sounds a bit like having a personal assistant evaluating everything for you AND taking action on what it finds.

I didn’t sign up yet for the second tool she recommends in this section. I want to master the strategy first on my own and then I’ll use tools that can help me with volume and timing.

Just an FYI – my profile on this survival and toy (and other stuff) account has 383 followers and I was SHOCKED to see that my baby dolls board (which only had ONE pin on it before today) has 316 followers! My survival and prepping one has 323 followers.

Nice start! I just want to mark it down here so I know how it grows. I did the same strategy she teaches in Mistake #8 for my survival board, too.

Next time, we’re moving on to Jennifer’s Top 10 Q&A list. Stay tuned!

Day 3:

Now that my regular account is a a business account, I can see stats! So here’s an example of one of my most lucrative pins but I noticed I had no text on the pin itself, just the description:

I love Q&A sessions. I start back on page 88 of Pinterest Success Strategies.  Jennifer answers questions about:

  • How many reciprocal followers you should have, if any.
  • Questions about social strategy on the site. (I agree w/her on this)
  • Organic versus SEO board strategy
  • Approval on Pinterest – I think they just did away with this and replaced it with something else, but they preserved it.
  • URL locations
  • Strategy for low performers (great advice here)
  • ROI (of time and energy) issues
  • Volume advice or binge pinning
  • Affiliate pinning
  • Tools

I like that she shares some favorite times for pinning. That’s important to remember since I’m a work at homer. I finished the main guide today. Next time I’ll move on.

Day 4:

I moved on to PDF #3 today. I just realized she has 7 courses in here and some of them are huge PDFs. Love the value of her Pinterest Success Strategies. She kind of broke down all of the elements and went WAY in depth on them, which is what I like.

Okay I have to laugh because she mentions how she typos Strategies as Startegies, and then then left it like that because it was fitting. I do the same! I always have to correct my startegies to strategies.

I’m beginning PDF #3 – Beginner Pinterest “Startegies” and Advanced Tips For Growth. It’s a giant 58 page PDF, so I’m taking it slow.

This PDF will focus on site optimization for pinning and getting the boards ready for action.

Uh oh. I’m doing it all wrong currently. I need to get on the ball.

When I clicked on the round up post I was confused but she then explains it really well. Very strategic and takes the pressure off you to create.

You know what this kind of reminds me of? Info Product Killer by Craig Kaye. Do y’all remember him and that course? It was amazing. I actually did sites using his strategy and then Squidoo lenses and they performed amazing.

Love that this strategy of Jennifer’s has that same feel to it – makes it easy to understand.

I feel like deleting my entire Pinterest account and starting over with a clean slate now, but I want to wait and clean it all up and implement as I finish her course so I don’t make mistakes that I haven’t learned about yet.

I love her idea for the number 7 as a strategy. That’s very good for those of us who like schedules.

Oh gosh when she goes through the Monday-Sunday schedule of images and boards, that makes it SO clear. I need to create a schedule now for this – love it!

I’m stopping on page 17 today.

Day 5:

Back today to keep going through her course. It’s already 1 AM so I’m not doing much today. I’m picking back up on page 17 of Pinterest Success Strategies.

Oh gosh I’m SO glad there’s a way to specify which images get pinned. Love how she says “don’t let it baffle you.” One reason I always enjoy her courses is the simplicity and “just follow my exact instructions” slant she has.

Bottom of page 20 – EXCELLENT idea and I’d always wondered what the best way to use those Secret boards were. I just sat and stared at mine previously, and then shrugged as I ignored it. LOL!

Ohhh that free plugin on page 22 sounds GREAT! I had already been wondering if my lazy gene would kick in on this tip, and that solved it.

I love her advice on the following pages about branding and searches and all that. The storytelling element is a nice touch, too.

The tip on page 27, she didn’t do a screen shot of the end result, so I’m not exactly positive of what it is I’m looking for since the page is really busy with a lot going on. She has screen shots of HOW to do it, but I just don’t know exactly which item on her page it is, so I’ll have to try it out myself. Good idea, though.

I’m gonna try it right now. Errrr … I couldn’t figure this one out. LOL! The first part of her instructions I get – I know how to get to it, but it’s the putting it on my blog that I got lost at.

But I love that you can do it several different ways, too – the board, a sidebar, header and more. Nice! (Once I figure out how to make it work – I’ll ask Jennifer for clarity – she’s awesome about helping people like me who suffer from tech dumminess.).

Jennifer really sets the bar high for social sharing and not worrying about being a giver and sharing the spotlight with competitors in her many niches. This is a good way to get reciprocal sharing, but she’s not being seedy about it.

I’m stopping on page 37. There’s a lot of stuff we can try, but this is one of those courses where, you just do one thing at a time, try it (you learn it after doing it), and then it becomes second nature.

Day 6:

I’m back with more of the 3rd PDF review in Pinterest Success Strategies. She’s giving us the HTML code we need, which is helpful because then it’s just a matter of copying what’s done.

Oh yea! I figured out what I was doing wrong yesterday. Jennifer gave us instructions and I didn’t follow them correctly. So now I’m able to do it.

I got to add my Pinterest board to my sidebar of my blog. AND I tried the method to add my boards to the bottom of blog posts and that worked, too!

Sometimes you have to go back and see if you missed a step. I had.

LOVE her real life example that starts on page 40 where she’s showing us how to alter our mindset in approaching what to pin or not pin. GO look at her example in this story – her posts are amazing. No wonder people share the hell out of her Pins.

I like that she addresses what many of us are probably thinking right now “My blog’s a mess – where do I start?” Great advice. I also just thought of something. I don’t want to waste time so one thing I may do is order batches of Pin images from a Fiverr gig – I can give them my URL to the blog and have them whip up something for a Pin and start with that.

Of course, it has to fit your budget. Take the DIY route if you have time. I have money to outsource this stuff that I suck at, so I will. One thing I like to do is look at other styles on Pinterest and emulate what I like myself.

I just made a Pin to see how long it would take me to make using the specific “which post to focus on” advice Jennifer provides. It took me about 15-20 minutes total to make. I’ll let y’all know how it does. It’s for the best performing toy post on one of my blogs in that niche.

Jennifer gives us advice about how to correct a specific mistake we may have made in the past so that we don’t lose progress with the Pin.

Page 50 – thank GOD for this. I needed the handy recap. Love the way she tracks for progress. Agree – you can’t improve if you aren’t tracking to see what works.

Okay finished PDF 3 and I’ll move on to PDF 4 next.

Day 7: 

Moving on to PDF 4 now. This one is called Advanced Strategies: Pinning with a Purpose in the Pinterest Success Strategies course. I love the sound of that!

This one is 62 pages long. In the beginning, Jennifer is giving us much-needed insight into how Pinterest technically works in terms of SEO. It’s not what most people think it is.

Man, I’ll tell you right now, someone needs to open a Pinterest service. Where they have your blog URL in general and once a week or daily, they go in and make an image and Pin your blog post with a description, to their boards and shared boards, etc.

If I’d been service providing when this got going, I SO would have done that. And people would pay for it, too! I used to charge $297 for a Squidoo lens with 3 sections of content that really equaled about 600 words and some images and tags.

Wow this was almost a math lesson of sorts but REALLY understandable and great news because it breaks down the traffic potential for us even if we have no followers initially. HUGE potential.

She covers the entire layout of how pins and Pinners get momentum on the site. She has some cool advice about kind of going circular with pins. I can’t say what she tells us to do, but makes sense and I would NEVER have thought to do this.

Okay I did something she suggested here. I’m stopping on page 21 tonight. That was a lot of information but it made the process clearer for me.

Stay tuned for more!

Tiff 😉

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6 Responses to My Implementation Review of PotPieGirl’s Pinterest Success Strategies

  1. kim morton says:

    Hi Tiffany
    I’m really excited that you are following the Potpie girl Pinterest strategies. So I’m going to be really interested in you progress.

    I bought her course last year and have implemented some her strategies to great effect. I’m still replacing a good image for every one of the hundreds of posts I’ve made over the years. When I see the “old” images I made it’s deeply embarrassing LOL.

    I really like your sharing buttons, are these from the sharing plugin Jennifer recommends? I never bought that! Instead, I was hoping to find a nice free plugin!

    Good Luck with Pinterest


    • Tiffany says:

      Oh yes she’s a great teacher! On the social share buttons, no – I’m using Social Pug. It’s free.

  2. Fred says:

    Thanks for sharing your implementation review of PotPieGirl’s Pinterest Success Strategies. I really enjoyed reading it and I am motivated to use Pinterest a little bit more. I was wondering if there were any free alternatives to the paid tools that were mentioned inside the course?

    • Tiffany says:

      I actually heard from a subscriber who told me that Pinterest will give you stats and stuff in your business account, so I guess the automation part is what’s not included? I haven’t gotten into it enough to know if there are free tools but I know these have free levels or trials so we’ll see 😉

  3. Fred says:

    How did you get so many repins of your survival cooking gear pin? Did this happen naturally or did you use some type of software or join a special pinning group?

    • Tiffany says:

      Fred I don’t know. LOL! That’s why I’m taking courses. When I saw that I happened to have a couple performing well, I had no idea what I’d done, so I wanted to learn from people who dominate on Pinterest how to do it. I didn’t use a software or group. It just happened.

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