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Hi everyone! So I bought and am going through Connie Ragan Green’s JVs Made Simple course and I wanted to share my thoughts. Even though this is a good newbie course, it’s helpful to anyone who needs to understand Google Docs – JVs or not.

First thing when I logged into the members’ area that I got was the downloads – the main training PDF, a checklist PDF and an MP4 and MP3 file of the interview with NoelWatts.Β 

The PDF walks you through the technical steps of the strategy they teach with screen shots included. I always appreciate that. And they jump right in – no fluff and reselling you in the PDF (which some vendors tend to do – it’s like, “I already bought it, please don’t waste time telling me why I need this information again. LOL”).

I had no idea that that Google Docs could do all this. I thought this whole time it was just another version of Word.

I’m wondering, y’all – on Page 27 of this main guide – could people who can’t afford domains and hosting (yet) and site builders possibly use this as their sales letters? It’s not what they’re teaching, I’m just curious as a freebie option if anyone’s ever tried it.

So the main guide is the technical step-by-step to using the tool. VERY cool. I had no clue all this was available. I can personally see this being very instrumental to me in recruiting affiliates and also in working with my Learn Internet Marketing Free group on Facebook as I teach them stuff.

Then I moved on to the checklist. It’s basically a distilled version of the proper steps and where to find expansion explanations in the main guide.

I then watched the Google Docs video. The first 12 minutes are more introduction and information about Google Docs and then it goes into the JV part. It’s about half an hour total.

I like that they showed their own collaboration in action with how it works. We see Connie going through it and asking questions, which Noel answers.

I know so many of us are across the globe, so this is a great tool that allows newbies to connect and work with each other even if they’re nowhere near one another.

You can bring partners in who have different skills than you. So for instance, I’m a good writer – but less technical, so if I JV’d with someone as a partner, I’d grab a tech-savvy person.

And maybe we would have a JV manager come into the mix – someone who strictly helps us recruit affiliates for our launch.

Y’all can plan project details, run ideas by each other, and chat in real time if you’re both online at the same time. It’s very interactive and much better for planning than FB messenger or emails.

So I know her course was slanted for JV partnerships, but aside from the massive collaboration perks it offers, it’s also a neat tool to learn for marketers in general for their own individual projects.

So How Do You Recruit a Joint Venture Partner?

Something the course doesn’t cover – since it picks up from where you and your partners need to start collaborating – is how to find a partner to JV with.

A lot of this comes from networking. Word of mouth. Befriending people. You can simply put it out there and say, “Hey friends! I am hoping to find a joint venture partner who brings some tech copy setup skills to the table – someone who can format our sales copy and set it up, while I create the content for a launch. If you know of anyone who is willing to collaborate, please let me know.”

Or vice versa. SO much goes on behind the scenes just by chit chatting with people. You have a friend who knows someone, and before you know it, they’re in touch with you and you’re working on stuff together.

You could also recruit on forums like Warrior Forum. But I think it’d be better if you put out the word on something like a FB group or your personal page.

Now if you’re a total newbie with no track record, then you may need to find another driven newbie with skills you don’t have. There are so many people who want to partner up!

If you’re a newbie and you want to JV with someone more experienced, it’s sometimes hard but not impossible. Most people experienced marketers want to JV with someone else who brings a list to the table.

But what if you don’t have that? I would find someone you admire to JV with and prepare HARDCORE before you approach them.

There are MANY experienced marketers who would LOVE to JV with a newbie if the prep was done right.

What does this mean?

  • It means you have an idea formulated soup to nuts.
  • It means you can adequately and thoroughly explain what you bring and what you need from them – exactly.
  • It means you are willing to give them a larger piece of the pie because you don’t have as much leverage in the situation.
  • Preferably, it means you have an innovative idea that appeals to them – not some rehashed, copied slant or stuff that’s been done a dozen times.

Your approach should be kind and quick. You should network (as a friend) and get to know them for a few weeks before you approach them. Get to know them as people. Let them get to know you.

Then approach with everything all at once – the links to your Google Doc collaboration, the ideas, the potential – everything you know. Pretend you’re going on an episode of Shark Tank and you need to impress the judges.

You could even point them to the Google Docs file and invite them to ask you questions in a special Q & A section that you complete.

If y’all have anymore questions about the actual recruitment of a JV partner, just ask and I’ll answer below! And be sure to readΒ JVs Made SimpleΒ to learn more about this tool and how it can help you interact with others working on your project. By the way, that includes outsourcers not just partners.

Tiff πŸ˜‰

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2 Responses to My Thoughts on JVs Made Simple

  1. Thank you for this well written and well thought out review, Tiffany. Our product/training also includes a webinar where I discuss joint ventures with Marlon Sanders, someone I’ve JVed with several times. And Dr. Jeanette Cates and I did the same many times, so she gave me permission to include a sample JV contract and spreadsheet we used numerous times over several years.
    Noel and I will be adding more to this training course over time, but for now we wanted to get everyone moving towards the goal of finding appropriate and valuable JV partners.
    And yes, Google Docs is awesome!
    Thanks for all you added to this.

    • Tiffany says:

      You know what? I didn’t see the “Other downloads” area! Woot!

      I can’t wait to go listen to the Marlon stuff. Thanks for letting me know it was in there! I’ll update this post when I finish that stuff.

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