Tip #1 for Improving Your Conversions without Spending Money

Hi everyone!¬†Conversions are hit or miss for many people – and some never get any conversions at all. I love to see improvements being made, so I thought that, over the course of a few days, I’d share some tips you can implement without having to fork over money for SEO or ads or whatever.

First of all, conversions aren’t just money-related. It COULD be conversions for a sale of your product, sure – or as an affiliate for someone else’s product. Continue reading

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Is Your Site Stagnant Because of Your Anxiety Over SEO?

Hi everyone! Lots of anxiety over SEO and ranking happening with people who are setting up new sites. I tend to focus on something different – people.

GASP! Continue reading

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Plan for Holiday Profits

Hi everyone! I wanted to discuss holiday profits, because August is when the foundation for these needs to get laid – on into September. This is all based on what I, myself do, and we’re going to talk digital and tangible stuff here.

Think Strategically About Holiday Profits

First, let’s think about the holidays. They’re a weird mix of needing money and spending money – of happiness about giving and receiving, about stress over many different things, and about motivation to start certain things over.

For the holidays, I typically include these things for profits: Continue reading

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Using Converzly HTML and Countdown Timers

Hi everyone! I’m going to link to the other Converzly tutorials I have posted here so you can see them all, but today I wanted to share how I’m using the HTML addition and also the countdown timer on this tool. SO wonderful!

Here’s today’s video and the other posts with tutorials and showcases of examples I did are below that: Continue reading

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Learning More About Converzly

Hi everyone! I’m going through the Converzly training and test driving new ways of doing stuff. I really want to master it because it’s already so easy to use, so I want to make sure I don’t avoid any features out of my inherent tech phobia.

Someone had asked if we could change the color on Converzly and I found out how to do that! I also did a test page setup for a fiction book so that those who are authors (of either fiction OR non fiction) could see what that looks like. Continue reading

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