Perform Internet Marketing Like You Play Golf

Hi everyone! Whenever I look at how Internet Marketing (IM) is done, I always instantly think of “ethics.” You either have them or you don’t.

And let’s not make a mistake and think ethics only implies you promote good products, charge fair prices and treat people well.

Ethics is also being the kind of leader for your readers that you need to be – continuing to educate yourself and share strategies and helpful tips – whether it’s about online success, losing weight or dating. Continue reading

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How Do You Find People to Promote Your Product?

Hi everyone! You need to map out a plan to find JV partners and affiliates. You never just want to launch and hope people decide it’s worthy of a promo.

Before Looking, Consider Who You Want Associated With Your Product

Initially, you might not care who promotes it – you just want as many people onboard as possible.

Only … that’s not always good, either. Continue reading

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What If People Dislike Your Product?

Hi everyone! This is a fear we all have. I still have it (ouch sorry – you thought it would go away). But it does get better. Here’s what you need to know.

1. They will dislike it. 

WHAT? That’s not comforting, is it? But it’s true. There’s nothing about you that puts you on a perfect pedestal. Everyone in the world who has created products has SOMEone who dislikes it. Continue reading

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Every Product Is a How to Product

Hi everyone! No product is mind blowing. None. Hate to break it to you, but you’re not inventing the phone or discovering electricity – you’re simply sharing good information in a thorough way.

Some you get more nuggets out of or enjoy more than others. (toe curling). Someone mentioned sometimes being disappointed in knowing 75% of the information in a book they buy, but think of it optimistically – you’re getting a 25% boost in knowledge. That’s great! Continue reading

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Socialization for Product Launch Success

Hi everyone! The reason it’s important is that people recommend products AND people (entrusting people in your care can be scary if they value their reputation).

Don’t socialize ABOUT your product launch at first. Talk about other things. Save the product launch talk for much, much later. Get to know the actual person who will be promoting for you. Continue reading

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How to Price Your Product

Hi everyone! There are different ways to price your product – one time payment, monthly ongoing indefinitely or for a certain # of months.

Do you want a low entry point with add-on one time offers and upsells? Some marketers who have multiple components of their product take ONE to use as a low entry point ($27 or $37 for instance) and then tack on the rest as upsells or OTOs.

Don’t price off page count! You can’t price a product based on whether it’s 7 pages or 700. Don’t do it! Volume does NOT matter. Continue reading

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