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Hi everyone! You might notice that here on my blog, there’s a mixture of public and private (password protected) posts.

Here’s why that is. Sometimes I do a post that’s just for my email subscribers. I like to cater to my subscribers’ needs and if you’re on my list, you’ll get those passwords emailed to you whenever I post something new.  (Sign Up Below).

But other times, it’s a Challenge post that’s password protected. I made the decision to abandon creating eBook courses because they often leave the reader alone to implement it – and we all know how that goes.   😉

So a challenge is a course that I do right along with you – with hand holding and critiquing along the way. I’m there to answer questions, make new tutorials if you’re lost, etc. This is far more interactive, provides camaraderie (unless you prefer to lurk, which is fine), and my participants take ACTION on the lessons.

If you see a private post that’s a Challenge, you can buy access to it here:

This is the way I teach now. And although the official challenge dates may have ended, you can join in at ANY time and take the challenge and I will ALWAYS be there to answer questions, offer critiques and hand holding, etc. That never ends.

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Tiff 😉

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