Product Development Control Implementation Part 14

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Hi everyone! Last week I was deep in the development of my latest PLR content funnel, so I didn’t do any of my PDC reviews. Today I reviewed the remainder of the last 3 parts of Module 4 – so that takes care of last Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I hate getting behind! 😉

So let’s finish up Module 4 of the Product Development Control course review and implementation today.

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Part 2 of Module 4: The Tools You Neeed

This video is 7:44. They also link to several resources and give you a printout to do (I didn’t do this one). I don’t really need this I don’t feel like – because I already know what tools I’ll be using. But I watch anyway because you never know what ideas it will generate.

By the way – there are always free tools available that compare to the paid versions, but it’s usually better to get the paid tools eventually.

They cover everything from video to audio to text tools. For my project, I’ll be using Word and turning my files into PDFs – and I will also be using Camtasia and creating video files. I don’t like audio, so I don’t use it.

Part 3 of Module 4: Outsourcing for Speed and Professionalism

This section has a video 6:10 in length. They cover 3 outsourcing sites. I like his confession to us.  Good warning around the 3 minute mark. Kind of a rehash since they already talked about outsourcing earlier.

Part 4 of Module 4: Test Your Product and Give It the Final Tweaks It Needs

There are two videos for this part of module 4. The first one is on file structure. It’s 15:38 in length. Alrighty. At about the 3:17 mark he’s talking and the sound cuts out. The page doesn’t move anymore for me – does it for you? I tried it several times.

The second video is just 3:29 in length. Just a little something funny. If he had followed his advice in this video, then the last one wouldn’t be glitched 😉 Unless, he did and it is working – just not for me. lol Just ribbing them though, because he probably just made sure it was initially working – no need to listen to the entire thing. But I usually do just to make sure I have everything in there.

Tiff’s Tip: Get a couple or few guinea pigs to go through the course FREE for you. If you have a list, you can offer to take on a few people in return for honest feedback (not testimonials) on anything they felt was lacking or difficult to understand, etc.  Not only does this prevent blips, but it also gives you confidence during your formal launch because you’ve done everything you can to ensure it’s in working order.

Didn’t get a lot out of this section. I have a lot of work to do on my actual product.

Tiff 😉

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