Socialization for Product Launch Success

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Hi everyone! The reason it’s important is that people recommend products AND people (entrusting people in your care can be scary if they value their reputation).

Don’t socialize ABOUT your product launch at first. Talk about other things. Save the product launch talk for much, much later. Get to know the actual person who will be promoting for you.

NEVER start it at launch time. That’s too late. I get emails from people who say, “Hey Tiff! Long time follower of yours. Love your stuff! I have a product you might want to promote…”

Really? How come I’ve NEVER heard of you? How come you’ve never said hi? How come you’re not specific on what you love about me so much? Because your turn product is obviously something I wouldn’t promote – so no, mister – you don’t know me.

Don’t ONLY contact people about the launch. Contact them about THEIR stuff, too. Whatever they have going on – not necessarily business. See what’s going on with them personally. Do you remember how to form new friendships? Yeah, do that!

Give before you get. Roll up your sleeves and help people. Be there to guide them and answer questions and support them in their professional and personal life.

First, find your audience.

– Find people creating and selling in your niche
– Find affiliates promoting in the niche
– Find customers of the niche

Then take those names and find them on social networking sites and get to know them.

– Twitter
– Google Plus
– Blogs
– Facebook groups

Engage in conversations. Start being a leader now – helping people. Form friendships.

Then 3 months from now when the product is complete, you announce “OMG I’m so happy! I finally released my product!” And you won’t even HAVE to ask. People will just say, “Oh we’re so happy for you! I’m going to tell everyone about it.”

Why? Because those are the kinds of things we do for people we like.

Tiff 😉

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One Response to Socialization for Product Launch Success

  1. Edward says:

    wow Tiffany sound advice here! I am also like that I will not ask someone to promote me just when I first get to know the person I think it is rude and wrong.

    Same thing if someone were to contact me and saying what you said above they been following me for awhile though want me to promote them just won’t happen.

    what I would do is first send them to this post so they can learn the correct way to socialize and gain trust. And also learn how to promote correctly.

    All The Best
    Your Fan
    Edward Haberthur

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