The Internet Marketer’s Weekly Success Planner

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Hi everyone! This is something cool that I want to gift to you. It’s the result of my implementation bonus that I did for Amy Harrop’s Companion Publishing Profits course where those who buy through my link get to follow along as I implement her instructions.

There is a FREE Gift PDF File you can download right now called The Internet Marketer’s Weekly Success Planner. You can print pages out (but it’s 118 pages FYI), and inside there are 52 weeks’ worth of planner pages (2 pages per week) plus, every 4 weeks, there’s a motivational article that corresponds with one of the prompts in the planner.

I personally prefer pen and paper, so you can see the $5+ hardcopy option in the video and hear about the success planner there, too. I priced it at the very minimum amount CreateSpace would allow me to.

Note: The hard copy says Dow because I already had IM non fiction stuff under that name on Amazon. I didn’t want to use the Lambert name for IM stuff on Amazon (in case I do fiction under that). But the PDF version has my cool name on it.  😉

Feel free to share the file with anyone you know who needs a dose of accountability, tracking and inspiration.

The planner isn’t dated, so you can use it for 52 weeks from whatever day you get it. It’s weekly so that you’re not tasked with daily journaling, which in itself can get overwhelming.

It’s a great way to see where you’re faltering in your online pursuits – and covers things like time invested, excuses made, goal breakdowns, mindset, serving your audience and more!

I hope you like it. And big thanks to Amy for walking me through the process!

Tiff 😉

Share to Help Others!

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11 Responses to The Internet Marketer’s Weekly Success Planner

  1. Lee Proctor says:

    Thanks so much for this. It’s almost magical how often I think of something I need…and then *POOF*…you put it out there for us.
    I am grateful to have found you.

  2. Connie says:

    Thank you so much Tiffany, I was going out to get a scribbler
    to keep track but this will work much better.

    Much appreciated, and that includes everything you do.


  3. Tiffany,

    Thanks for sharing! I appreciate this resource so so much. I already shared with my email newsletter subscribers. Also shared on my Facebook wall.

  4. catherine Guhl says:

    I think this will help my business to see where I need to concentrate more. Thanks Tiffany.

  5. Nick says:

    Thank you so much! Like Connie said I too was just thinking about how I needed to get a fresh notebook for 2018 or create my own planner pages and you popped this treat in my inbox! 🙂

  6. Jacquee Myers says:

    Thanks so much, Tiffany! I go through about a dozen spiral notebooks in a year, but this will be focused and help me think about where I am and what I’m doing with my time. Writing things down helps to keep my brain working properly, too. 🙂
    My niche blog is going to be just what you talked about, tangible and digital in the same niche. I am working on it now.
    When I get my blog online, you and Liz, and Arun and Darren will be the first to know.
    But this planner is the exact thing I need to make me think and help me focus. You always have such wonderful ways to help.
    I’m going to read the butt-kickin’ blog post often and try to find a butt-kickin’ drill sergeant video that Liz once did because I will need motivation and prayer. Thanks again.

  7. Cool! I love this, Tiffany. Thanks so much.
    Connie Ragen Green

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