They Don’t Design Internet Marketing Around You

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Hi everyone! There’s a wonderful perk about being an online entrepreneur – we can do whatever the hell we want to do. But only to some degree.

Want to be a blogger? Gotta learn how to build the blog technically even if technical stuff usually stumps you.

Want to build a deep connection to your followers on social media? Better get ready to put yourself out there on video.

We want all these cool things – the money first and foremost – but we squirm around and try to get out of anything that we don’t want to do. We look for shortcuts or throw away an entire business model if it means we might have to shed our comfort skin and put ourselves on the line for possible failure. 

You don’t get to pick and choose which tasks you want to do with some strategies. For some of them, there is no alternate pathway – you have one option and one option only.

It might be filled with scary things and big obstacles, but you either go through it to get to the other side, or you stay stuck.

That patriot speaker (David Goggins) I’m studying talks about this in one of his videos – he HATED running. But to be a Navy Seal, you have to run. So every morning, he sits there and puts on those shoes and does it. Makes himself. He says they didn’t design SEAL training around his likes and dislikes. I love that concept.

I hate some things in business…

  • I hate hyped up sales copy, but when I use it, it sells almost 50% better.
  • I hate putting myself out there and bringing affiliates onboard, but when I do it, a make thousands more.
  • I hate putting my fat face on video, but I do it and it brings me closer to my audience.

Since I’m likening this whole journey to my weight loss, I can tell you I hate the feeling of not being full. But doing this will help me lose. I hate going to the gym and being around people I worry are judging me. But not doing it will keep me fat.

I can choose mindful eating, but I can’t choose to design weight loss around what makes me more comfortable. I can’t choose a diet that works that lets me eat a shitload of whatever I want or a fitness regimen that has me sitting on my butt 24/7.

Some choices, we don’t get to make.

I like this meme:

This is what I’m trying to achieve – I want EVERY zone to feel like no big deal to me. I want to feel comfortable approaching people, doing video, and writing hyped up sales copy.

I want to feel comfortable like I OWN that gym, comfortable going to sleep without a stuffed stomach, etc.

But to do this, we have to DO it – again and again and again until we flat out have no fear of this “zone” because we’re used to it.

Right now, I’m working in my business, to be consistent with all the tasks I normally abhor. Then I plan on moving on to another zone – paid FB ads. I want to know how to work it, not just avoid it.

I’m working on some SOPs (standard operating procedures) right now for every aspect of my business – those that include every step I’ve avoided until now that will help make my success grow.

I’m training my mindset to become utterly disgusted with complacency.


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10 Responses to They Don’t Design Internet Marketing Around You

  1. Rena Tucker says:

    Absolutely brilliant, Tiff. Thank you for this post!

  2. Mitzy says:

    This really resonates with me at the moment. It is so hard to move beyond the comfort zone but I’m trying my best – oh I wish I could be comfortable doing video! Great meme.

  3. William says:

    Well I do have a great deal that is not in my comfort zone and some great sounding reasons why I should not do it, but truth be told, if I don’t get up and run with it, aka video I will never be the success I could be. I like the idea of making every zone my comfort zone, which is going right above my computer Today. Using an alter ego? I ned to learn more about that. Thanks Tiffany, great wake up call.

  4. Marcellus says:

    It is amazing how we all face some of the same issues and even have most of the same obstacles. I really don’t have to big of an issue doing the hard things because for the most part as an insurance agent I have been doing that since 2005. But the truth is those Daily operating procedures lord a mercy get me everyday. I get distracted and can’t seem to get my focus. Even though I have a blueprint for where I want to go I don’t do the five things I know each day that I have to do. I am going to have to go back to turning off every distraction until those five things are completed each and every day. I learned years ago to work harder on myself and mindset than I do my business for the most part I am the issue.

    Most people only focus on the money because that’s what they all show us in the beginning and I fell for that also. But I quickly realized that there is no push button software, there is no easy solution to hard work. But to have folks like you in this space is a real gem.

    Thanks for this reminder today.

  5. delia says:

    I love the meme:-) It is an alternative to the “toughen it out”. It’s great to have alternatives:-)

  6. Alice Coaxum says:

    Something I’m working out but I call it leaving the comfort zone. Everything is all good and nothing is scary there but nothing grows there either. It’s so true that while there are certain aspects we can control there are just some things that we will need to do if we want to be successful.

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