Tip #1 for Improving Your Conversions without Spending Money

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Hi everyone! Conversions are hit or miss for many people – and some never get any conversions at all. I love to see improvements being made, so I thought that, over the course of a few days, I’d share some tips you can implement without having to fork over money for SEO or ads or whatever.

First of all, conversions aren’t just money-related. It COULD be conversions for a sale of your product, sure – or as an affiliate for someone else’s product.

But it can also be converting traffic into opt ins to your list, or sign ups to your social groups, etc. Conversions are any time someone goes through with the call to action you wanted them to take.

Most of the time, people spend too much money trying too hard to force conversions without attempting any organic efforts. I want you to know I don’t shell out for conversions. I prefer getting them free.

So here’s the first way I improve conversions without spending more money:

Be More Specific

Read below the video afterwards.

So being specific helps you convert because…

  • It shows you know more than the broad, milquetoast stuff everyone knows.
  • It shows you actually care to amass and share knowledge.

Use the “be more specific” effort when you:

  • Create a new blog post
  • Send out an email to your list
  • Promote a product
  • Recommend something as an affiliate
  • Or even make a post on social media

EVEN if that blog post has NOTHING to buy, use the “be more specific” idea because it adds up – your people, when something DOES launch, have seen you prove yourself time and time again, and they WILL remember and convert for you.

If you need help researching slants that set you apart, don’t forget I have a $3.75 research reminders cheatsheet here.

Many people get stuck when they’re first trying to set themselves apart because it seems scary – like you’re doing it all wrong, but being so nervous that you don’t set yourself apart enough is just one of the possible mistakes that could hinder your conversions.

We’re just getting started! Check back on the blog because you’re going to discover more ways to get people to convert without whipping out your wallet. See you then!

Tiff 😉

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2 Responses to Tip #1 for Improving Your Conversions without Spending Money

  1. Edward says:

    wow that video was awesome Tiffany!

    I agree with everything you said above and one thing I love when your teaching stuff is you go into the slants of the niche instead of just going broad. If we would all just go into a slant we can make even more money.

    All The Best
    Your Fan
    Edward Haberthur

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