Tip #2 for Improving Your Conversions without Spending Money

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Hi everyone! Today we’re continuing on with the series about improving your conversions without spending money. Be prepared in everything you do – earlier than your competition.

So with conversions, let’s talk about the monetary kind – sales of your own product or affiliate commissions.

Early Prep for Sales of Your Own Product

One of the biggest problems myself and others have is rushing everything at the last minute. As a product creator, if I don’t have review copies ready about a week or two ahead of time, then the really GOOD affiliates won’t have time to create a bonus or review it.

You need to have everything completed 1-2 weeks early, including:

  • Review copies
  • JV page with swipes they can work on tweaking
  • Sales pages (some affiliates want to see it early)
  • Time to reach out and interact with prospective affiliates – learn what their list is like, if they’ll respond to your product, how you can meet the needs of the prospective affiliate

For example:

I am currently doing a case study implementation for David Perdew’s $12k in 5 days case study he did himself. To implement it as a bonus for my buyers, I have to find a product to promote with cash prizes and promote it in an effort to dominate the leaderboard.

My participants are seeing just how hard it is to get product creators to be prepared in time. Most work up until the day before (or even OF) the launch, and that’s simply NOT enough time for ME, as an affiliate – to go through the product, create a bonus, write a review series, etc.

Now with my list in particular, my subscribers convert for me at anywhere from 25-60% when I promote something. Usually on average around 40%. That’s HIGH.

So these vendors who aren’t prepared and who lose my support, are missing out on increasing their OWN conversions. They get more junk traffic instead of prequalified visitors who have just seen a thorough review, been offered a bonus, and are ready to push the buy button.

So being ready EARLY is a boon for your business.

Here’s what happens when I’m prepared early versus late. The top is a launch I just slapped up without any prep at the last minute. You see the # of sales and conversion rate. The bottom is a launch I prepared for in advance, doing all of the proper steps.

That’s a HUGE difference in terms of income – not only for ME, but for affiliates.

I also see some vendors who send me a review copy early enough, and literally at about 11 PM at night before bed, I’m asking for the JV page so I can queue up my email (because if it launches while I’m in carpool, I need to have it automated for me), and they’re not ready yet. Thy’re still working on it.

This is all just poor planning that’s one of the big reasons why your sales flop – not being prepared for conversions or sales.

Being prepared early ALSO lets you spend some time tweaking. If you’re rushing, you’re guaranteed to take shortcuts and not do your very best. If you have a week to spiff up copy and make it better, your conversions will be better.

Early Prep for Affiliate Commissions

As an affiliate, being prepared early can help you increase conversions and also win contests if there happens to be a product with that element involved.

Most affiliates simply grab an affiliate link, stick it in a swipe email and blast it to their list.


If you’re prepared early, you can see conversions soar. What kinds of things can you do?

  • Create a bonus that supplements the original product nicely (the bigger or more unique or better quality the bonus, the more competitive you are)
  • Create a more genuine, thorough review of the product because you took time to go through the entire thing
  • Create a case study of the results of your efforts with the product – providing proof of success with it
  • Drafts a series of promos with varying levels of urgency and extra tips that help conversions improve

You can create niche bonuses ahead of time and save them until a product comes along that would be a good match for it. For example, take the PLR world – if you know there’s always an IM or Diet or health PLR launch monthly, create a unique bonus that will supplement the broad topics nicely.

Early prep is something many of us (me included) fail at. But from experience, I can tell you that the times when my conversions SOAR the most – either as a vendor or affiliate – are the times I buckle down and get ready ahead of time.

Because most people don’t.

Tiff 😉

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2 Responses to Tip #2 for Improving Your Conversions without Spending Money

  1. Edward says:

    Great post here Tiffany! Well said and well put!

    One thing I see a lot also with other marketers is the JVpage not ready. I believe once you outline your product. that JVpage should be the first thing other then the sales page to get done. So there is no waiting once the JVpage is done write the sales copy for the funnel. Then work on the product if you have the product outlined like you do which I love how you do things. Then the sales page should not be hard to write you can always go back and tweak if need be.

    Just my 2 cents on a thought.

    All The Best
    Your Fan
    Edward Haberthur

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