Video 2 – Domain Buying

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Hi everyone! Today’s lesson is going to be about getting the right domain. I see people blowing hundreds of dollars on domains, getting quirky, ridiculous domains and making huge mistakes.

I’m going to save you money and get you more cash back, and hopefully if you enjoy this lesson, you’ll get your domain through my link!

First, this is going to save you money on your domains and other stuff all over the Internet – it’s free to sign up and I’ve made hundreds of dollars using it. It’s called Ebates.

You sign up and use the web. Then whenever you visit a site associated with it (including Godaddy), a link pops up asking if you want to activate a cash back coupon code. Well, duh! Sure we do! So it’ll build and then they send you a check.

If you sign up through my link to Ebates, I get a referral bonus later.

After you do that, watch the video and I’m going to give you a specific link to make your domain cost no more than $0.99. The only way it WON’T work is if you’ve used a $0.99 code before there.

Now some people will ask about which keyword tool I use. You can use free ones. They’re limited to some degree, but it works good enough to get a domain. I personally use WordRecon. But mainly because I can search so many places (including Google – but also Amazon, YouTube, Wikipedia, Bing, etc.).

This is link you’ll be going to, but don’t go there until you watch the video: GoDaddy $0.99 Domain. And I’ll have more text below the video…

So you should have a domain now. If you get nervous, don’t worry. Everyone buys crappy domains now and then – I’m sure it’ll be fine, and you’ll over-deliver in value to your audience and they won’t care WHAT URL you’re using.  🙂

I’m available via my contact form up top but before you contact me, brainstorm your list and make sure each one you send me is available first. Then I’ll give my recommendation. But no need to ask – you got this!

Tiff 😉

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    I love that you rounded up for charity! My kind of people 🙂

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    another noob for the group and the business. happy to be on board.

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