What If People Dislike Your Product?

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Hi everyone! This is a fear we all have. I still have it (ouch sorry – you thought it would go away). But it does get better. Here’s what you need to know.

1. They will dislike it. 

WHAT? That’s not comforting, is it? But it’s true. There’s nothing about you that puts you on a perfect pedestal. Everyone in the world who has created products has SOMEone who dislikes it.

Go on Amazon and you find a book that you feel is the answer to “what is the meaning of life” and SOMEONE will hate the thing. Why?

Well, maybe they hate your format. Maybe they hate your voice. I’ve had books on tape and info products I bought that grated on my nerves because of the voice used. Oh well. Now I’m not the kind of person to refund a product if I don’t like it because I take personal responsibility for what I buy – but just expect it.

The only ones I think are full of shit are the refunders who say, “I already knew it all.” No you didn’t – or not the way I taught it. And if I did my job in the sales copy and explained what it was and you still bought it, then it’s your fault, not mine.

IE: If my product teaches how to set up a squeeze page and I say that’s what it teaches and you buy it and refund using that lame excuse, then you’re either a.) an idiot – because you already knew it or b.) a thief. I’m going with b in most cases.

2. You can ASK why they dislike it.

Let’s say you do a launch and you have 100 sales and 10 people refund. What I would do if contact those 10 buyers and say, “Hey I noticed you refunded the product you bought and I wondered if you’d be open to helping me make it better? I’d like to offer free help or correct whatever you felt let you down so that I can make a better product for others – and you’ll get my help free.”

Wow! Now you’re over-delivering. Now word of mouth will spread that you care. Now that buyer will either expose himself to be a fraud (which some will be) – or he’ll accept the conversation and allow you to correct the problem by sharing with you whatever went wrong.

3. Get some honest guinea pigs.

You can do this BEFORE the launch of your product, or as the example above shows, after a refund. I’ve done this before with my products – taken on about 3-5 guinea pigs who got advance copies of the product in exchange for giving me their BLUNT, truthful opinion.

Only choose people who won’t lie to you. Explain to them that you NEED honesty. This little secret pre-launch to a select group of people will help you churn out an amazing product.

4. You can tweak until people don’t dislike your product (as much). 

Tweaking is a part of product creation, period. You will always tweak – if you’re good. If you care. If you discover new info, add it to the file, replace the old one and give existing customers updated copies free.

Watch your refund rate. Pay attention to chatter online – in forums. And feel free to ask your list – “Hey! How can I make this better?” Make it a giveaway! Tell them you want to do a round of tweaks and will give 15 lucky people on your list a free copy in exchange for feedback.

5. Pay someone to help you.

I say pay because unless it’s just a REALLY good fiend with tons of time, people just don’t have for that! I have a list of around 11,000+ – and many people email me regularly asking me to “just have a quick peek.”

That wouldn’t be a problem except for the fact that a.) a literal “quick peek” wouldn’t help you – and I don’t do half assed anything and b.) I don’t have time to analyze that many requests of sales copy, eBooks, videos, etc.

6. Having people dislike your product is a perk.

How, you ask? Well, because this product creation thing isn’t a one time deal (you are going to launch subsequent products once you know how and see that it’s not so scary), you’ll know what likes and dislikes people have. You can avoid them next time.

Tiff 😉

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2 Responses to What If People Dislike Your Product?

  1. Edward says:

    Now this one I know there will be people who dislike my products. All I can think of is a learning time for myself. If I found out someone did not like my product I would communicate with them and see what they did not like and what was wrong with it and try to make it more better and more interesting.

    All The Best
    Your Fan
    Edward Haberthur

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