Do you know what it means when you’re the type of person who clicks on an “About” page?

It means you’re picky about who you follow – and you’re my kind of person!

So let me tell you a little about myself so you can either learn from me, or weed yourself out.

I’m the kind of person who leads with two things – bluntness and by example. I never ask people to do things I don’t do myself, and I’m not afraid to tell you what you need to hear if I believe it can help you build your brand online.

When I first got started on the ‘net, it was as the mother of a sick child, so I had to quickly learn how to make money, get clients and keep them in order to support us.

Fast forward many years of slaving away for others (many rotten scoundrels) and I’d had enough. I let my own personality shine through and speak out against bad practices and what do ya know – it endeared me to many people.

Some, of course, hated me for it.

I’ve been down many online paths with my career – I’ve written and taught how to write eBooks, I’ve worked as and garnered affiliates for sales, I’ve been a freelancer and hired them, too.

For a long time I’ve been working with people on their video blogs and text blogs as well as their web 2.0 (social media) accounts.

Time and time again, I see a common problem. It’s not keyword density or backlinks that are the issue – it’s the fact that most people are painfully unaware of how to make a human connection over the Internet!

That’s where I come in. My goal is to help people lose their fear and learn how to build bonds without having to hate the process.

I’m putting a greater focus on this element for me with my subscribers because personalization is what:

  • Helps you build a list
  • Helps you acquire fans
  • Helps you convert sales…and more!

Without it … well, you’re nothing more than a sterile spammer and nobody likes those guys.

You’re more than that.

Let me help you achieve a better brand – one that has the potential to go viral based on likability.

There’s an audience for everyone.

You just have to learn how to lure yours in.

Tiff 😉

Tiffany Lambert