Hi everyone! Ack! I’m so nervous. I’ve been plotting this commitment for awhile but didn’t know I was going to turn it into a blog series until now. I decided to transparently show you all what and how I am doing something that puts me WAY out of my comfort zone.

Last year I started a blog called ClaimingMyPower.com. It was my “fitness and finances” blog that turned more into a blog about emotional health and finances. Fitness sort of went out the door.

I know why – I was under extreme stress levels. So bad they affected my health temporarily and my body was all out of whack. I didn’t have it in me to do finances, emotional health and physical.

Life is good now. Finances are doing well. Emotional stress has been eradicated. I’m in a completely different place than I was a year ago. Wow – a year ago I was just going through some major life changes enduring a divorce and it was literally scary.

How could I have asked myself to treat myself – my body – with care when it was all I could do to relax for a few minutes in a hot bath to cry and let it all out? I couldn’t.

My kids start back to school this week. For the first school year since they’ve been alive, this is fully my home. It’s a safe place. I’m handling everything. And now, I’m ready to work on me.

I sat here the other day video blogging about how life’s going so well and I thought, “There’s just still that one thing I want to remedy.” My body.

So you’re going to see me go on a journey to tap into a niche – a niche I haven’t even figured out yet in terms of what I want it to be. You’ll see me brainstorm it, buy and set up a domain, blog, develop ideas, find an audience, network with others, create products, and put myself out there to become an expert.

I’m not worried about not being a success story yet. I know from experience that people love to follow someone’s journey. They did that with me, here. I’m not worried about trolls. I honestly don’t care about anyone else’s opinion about me and my body. I really don’t.

Scratch that – I care about my babies. They have never been unkind about my weight, but I was young once. I know the feeling of having a parent who is different (my dad was always mistaken for my grandfather). And while there are other parents even fatter than me, I want my kids to look at me as I looked at my Mom, when I thought, “She’s SO beautiful!”

I am so proud of myself. I got through so much. I found some power I didn’t know I had. And now, I want to use that power for this purpose.

I am starting something new. I want to make it big. I have absolutely NO expertise in this area. I have failed more than I have succeeded. By all accounts, you’d have to be a fool to follow me in this niche I’m going into. However – I have one hell of a determined spirit in me. More than most. And I’ve set my mind to this. Like everything else, I will make it happen. So I’m not worried.

Business Man at Starting Line Road Path

This is NOT going to be a “diet” website.

I won’t ever diet. Please don’t send me diet advice or I will just delete the email. Love you, but no. I mean it. That means don’t send me an email that says, “I know you said not to, but…” because that will irritate me. I’m stubborn with this topic.

I can’t describe what I want but it’s a vision in my head.

can tell you that it’s about:

  • Feeling strong and powerful, physically.
  • Feeling comfortable physically.
  • Not having to wonder if my weight is okay for a tube on a water slide.
  • Feeling confident and sassy.
  • Having energy.
  • Feeling healthy.
  • Feeling beautiful at any age and any size.

I tried brainstorming a domain earlier. I can’t just think of what I know it is in my mind – I have to have a domain that attracts the audience I want to reach, and sometimes that might mean going with a phrase they might search for in an effort to have them land in a safe place and be surprised.

I have no size or weight goals. I won’t diet. I don’t have an exercise plan. I won’t give up bread or sugar or Cokes or anything else. I want my niche to be mindful and guilt-free. I want to eat normally, and not pig out – even under stressful times. I will pray for strength, too. Might not be for you – oh well. It got me through some tough times and it’s healing for me.

I want fewer chins. I do want to lose weight. My way.

I want to do it alone. I don’t want to join a gym or hire a trainer or listen to ANYONE. I don’t want input on what I should or shouldn’t do. I want this fire, this power, this fight – to come 100% from within. 

What I love about this journey is that I will be tracking what I do here in terms of marketing and niche tasks. But on that site, wherever it ends up, I will be tracking my progress for becoming stronger, healthier, and feeling more beautiful – less chinny. Less butty. Less. But so much more.

I have seen with my own eyes and experienced what a HUGE difference a year makes in someone’s life. This past year my life has transformed like I would never have believed. It’s inspired me to turn this into a 1-year commitment.

So now that I know what can be done when I am determined, I’ve decided to put this same Phoenix badassery into my body. I will use everything I know and love to succeed. I will work hard. I will give it my all. And then some.

And by golly, I will create a business branch out of it, too – because if I can do this, if I can help others through doing this, I would love to spend more time helping more people.

Please enjoy following my new niche marketing journey.

Come along on it if you want to – either the marketing one where you follow my business tasks to launch a new niche, or the actual other journey I’m on.

Or both.

Hopefully, this will help you with ideas for your own business, either in expanding or tightening up or trying something.

Tiff 😉

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    60 replies to "1 Year in a New Niche Part 1"

    • Fran Civile

      Good luck Tiffany, I will be following your progress!

      • Tiffany

        Thank you Fran!

    • Edward

      Hi Tiff Great post there. I really enjoyed it and I can not wait for new post to come.

      All The Best

      • Tiffany

        Thank Edward!

    • crystal touchton

      Congrats to you Tiff. I know this struggle all too well. I actually have the domain set up with header, tons of knowledge, and the journey to document, but I have not posted the first post yet. I know from experience I just need to start, but I have had trouble figuring out exactly what it should be. (I recognize this now as a manifestation of fear.) I absolutely love lifting, so I know my site will be heavy on strength training info. You’re always so fierce when it comes to just doing and it’s one of the reasons I love to read your posts. I know you can do this, and I know you can do it your way. Good luck! 🙂

      • crystal touchton

        You are always encouraging others to find their own ways to do things. To “Frankentiff” things to better suit their own preferences. Maybe that’s what your calling is in the fitness niche as well? Just a thought. 🙂

        • Tiffany

          Yes! It is 🙂 Just not sure what to piece together but I’ll find my way 🙂

      • Tiffany

        Thanks Crystal – I can and I will!

    • Rivky

      Looking forward! Will you email us when u update?
      P.S. You really ARE beautiful – I’m surprised you didn’t know that!

      • Tiffany

        It’ll go out with my regular updates 🙂 And thank you!

    • hagar

      you’ve already solved the most important part- the “why”. Has to be a strong emotional trigger to keep you on track. And you’re there.
      Should be an interesting trip!

      • Tiffany

        Yes. I couldn’t find my why this past year. In fact, I kept saying, “Why? I have SO much else to focus on. Why do that to myself?” Now I have my plate cleared. 🙂

    • Malia

      Amazing and inspirational. I will follow you on both journeys! I too want to be healthy, but on my own terms. I’m so tired of everyone telling me what I should and should not do, eat and should not eat, etc… AND, to make a business out of it! WOW!! I will be watching, learning, and working along with you!

      • Tiffany

        Thank you Malia! Glad to have you 🙂

    • Sam

      Hi Tiffany:
      First, I am very excited to watch your journey progress in your new niche. Can’t wait to see what it is about and how you go about building it. It’s always a good thing to watch a true professional like yourself tackle something new and exciting. I know you will succeed. After all, look how far you have come in the last year. You are certainly a fighter and a winner. Take Care, Sam

      • Tiffany

        I know, Sam it’s incredible. Had a SLIGHT (ha ha) support system with you guys built in (more like a tsunami of support).

    • Joyce Reid

      Looking forward to seeing where you go with this, Tiff. Hang in there. You rock!

      • Tiffany

        Thanks Joyce! 🙂

    • melody

      Go for it! In 1991, 1t the age of 45, I was living in San Jose CA, and knew I needed to get a divorce (can’t go into reasons here but trust me – my life depended on it). I walked away from my home with hundreds of thousands in equity, and moved to Cincinnati – where I knew NO ONE!! Rented my apt sight unseen online, shipped what little I could take, and bought a plane ticket. By the time arrived I had less than $100 left in the bank, and a credit card.

      My Mac flew with me, and I was back in business the day after I landed. 2 yrs later I bought my dream home, and the following year married a wonderful man.

      Although I never had kids – I have a wonderful family now because I did what I needed to do and started my life over.

      The bottom line is that we all have the ability to start over and get to a better place but you have to take action. It does not simply happen!

      You rock, Tiff! Can’t wait to see where you will be in 6 months!


      • Tiffany

        Wow Melody that’s inspiring!!

    • Mark Upshaw

      Good luck. You are a strong woman and you will get the job done and then some.

      • Tiffany

        Thank you Mark 🙂

    • Kay

      I’m excited for you & for all of us! I love a new adventure & this will be one.

      Of all the marketers/gurus/experts that I have taken an interest in through the years, you have been the most encouraging & given me the most practical help. And you are the only one I totally trust. (and you are one of the 2 I still faithfully follow.)

      Thanks for letting us into your life! Kay

      • Tiffany

        Aww thanks Kay! 🙂 That means a lot.

    • Holly Oyler

      I will be following both of your adventures.


      • Tiffany

        Thanks Holly! 🙂

    • Cathy

      This sounds like an interesting blog series! I’m looking forward to it.

      • Tiffany

        Thanks Cathy – me too!

    • Edie Dykeman

      Sounds interesting and I’m sure I’ll learn something along the way. 😉

      • Tiffany

        Me too! 🙂

    • Debra Conrad

      You never cease to amaze and inspire. Following Tiff is like a never ending journey.

      Where is Tiff taking us next… 😎

      • Tiffany

        Ha! Even I don’t know! LOL

    • Cat

      This sounds like fun. I’ve been getting seriously into fitness over the last few months, so I’ll be interested to follow your journey.

      I’m sure you’ll do well, both with your own health and the site itself. It’s a competitive niche, but a huge one. With your personal approach, you’ll attract an audience.

      • Tiffany

        How’s it going? I plan to do a wide variety of things but it’ll be hard to face my obstacle: physical laziness. lol

        • Cat

          Yes, I’m lazy too! What has helped the most is getting a really solid routine going, in that I do some kind of exercise six days a week. It was hard at first, but now I have momentum, and it has become something I just do, like cleaning my teeth. It’s just a case of getting through that initial reluctance and forming a consistent habit. Then the habit takes over. I don’t have a rigid routine – there are days when I’m too tired to do much, so I might only do a few minutes, but just doing *something* is the key.

          It has also helped to find the kinds of exercise I enjoy the most. For me it’s the elliptical and weight training. I do other stuff too for variety, but those are my mainstays.

          I have a way to go before I’m as fit as I want to be, and I want to lower my body fat % too. But there’s no big hurry.

          I’m sure you’ll find the laziness less of an issue when you get going and start to form a new habit. Just be patient with yourself, don’t try to do too much too soon, and don’t beat yourself up if you get off track sometimes 🙂

          • Tiffany

            I’m going to git er done this time Cat!

    • Rodney Coleman

      Great post Tiffany! You’re not alone with this. I look forward to seeing this journey. This is going to be fun!

      Thanks for sharing,


      • Tiffany

        Thanks Rodney! Hopefully it’ll be interesting 🙂

    • Catherine

      I went the other way with stress, I lost weight – a lot – and my hair!

      I put it all back on now – and more – but I really dislike diets, somehow when I tell myself I am going to diet I want to eat ALL the time.

      Walking, apparently that help, but i dislike that too. 🙂

      Looking forward to following the journey Tiff.

      • Tiffany

        Ack! Yes I noticed thinning under stress but it came back too. No diets for me. Just mindfulness 🙂

    • CyrilAlmond

      Hi Tiffany, when God spoke to Abraham. He said Leave your country and go into a land that you do not know. He did that in faith and the rest is history. I will follow you in both. You see Abraham had the guts to go for it.

      So have you, go for it girl.

      • Tiffany

        I will go for it Cyril! 🙂

    • olive

      Looking forward to sharing your journey Tiff. You are so inspirational and the results of your ‘adventures’ are testimony to the amazing spirit you have 🙂

      • Tiffany

        Thanks Olive! Hope it inspires others, including myself!

    • Bernita

      Tiffany, I really admire you and how you appear to have handled a challenging year. For me this year has been a transition of breaking away from a world that no longer serves me. In so many ways you remind me of myself but in this case you seem to have bulldozed through it and I’ve let it bulldoze me over. I’m standing back up though and brushing the shit off me..lol..Ready to take it on! I’m looking forward to following you on your continued journey to see how it unfolds…<3

      • Tiffany

        Thanks Bernita! Well, so now you’re standing up. I got bulldozed too and got up fighting mad! LOL

    • Michelle

      Awesome!! Can’t wait to see what it is, sounds fun! I dug out my sewing machines and started a sewing blog about things I’m making for ME, Super fun…

      Congrats on your journey, you deserve the best.

      • Tiffany

        Thanks Michelle! Sewing is picking up BIG time with a younger crowd now too!

    • Edie Dykeman

      I left a comment yesterday when I first read the post because I thought it was a great idea. Then, I woke up this morning with an excitement in my spirit about the challenge. Not sure why, but I know something special is going to happen for me, you, and probably others as well.

      Looking forward to the next year.

      • Tiffany

        Ooooh I like that Edie! I feel it too 🙂

    • Nerine

      Good for you Tiff, I’ll be here following you every step of the way as I too would like to lose a chin or two…lol.. Why don’t you also get back into golf? Just the walking in itself is fabulous exercise for you that will help with weight loss plus your getting back into something you love…double bonus! Good luck, I know you will achieve whatever it is because you are such a strong willed person and can overcome just about anything 🙂

      • Tiffany

        I did a little golf this year and will probably will do more this year again 🙂 I love it and it’s excellent exercise even at the range! Thank you so much 🙂

    • Morna


      You inspire me. I registered a domain name in 2005 with just this in mind but I was just too chicken to attempt it. The name expired last year and I lost it but I never gave up the desire to want to do this. So this past April I registered another domain. I still have done nothing but the desire continues to burn. Hope I learn from your example and courage.
      Thank you for sharing.

      • Tiffany

        Let that spark turn into a flame Morna.

    • Iris

      So glad you’re branching out into the health/fitness niche and thinking about us, too. This is awesome!

      I have a blog that focuses on beauty/health/fitness that targets Baby Boomers and the 40+ crowd but I have not been consistently building it out. I created it to motivate me to be the best and most fit person I could be at this age.

      Needless to say, that has practically come to a screeching halt too. However, I’ve started walking a couple of miles every morning. Yea!!!! I’m trying to get back on track and get a handle on things before menopause sets in. 🙂

      I’m really looking forward to following you on this journey because you always teach, inspire and encourage me (and others) to push through the pain, foolery, and other stuff to get it done.

      You are my favorite IMer. You tackle issues that matter to your readers. You share inside information that’s extremely helpful to those of us trying to find our way.

      Wishing you the best with it but I know you will be a smashing success! [doing a “HAPPY” dance!] 🙂 YOU ROCK!!!!

      • Tiffany

        Should be fun Iris! 🙂 Thanks for the kind words! 🙂

    • Dee G

      You Go, Girl! I’m rooting for you.
      I embarked on a similar journey a few weeks ago … throwing over-cautiousness in the wind. If I fail, I win (because I will learn from any mistakes I make) and “when” I succeed, I win. So what’s to hold me back?

      I share this because you, dear lady, are such an inspiration to me … to all of us. Your transparency is teaching me loads and I am very grateful for that.

      • Tiffany

        Love that mindset Dee!

    • Hollie Hawley

      “Phoenix badassery.” As much as I love the concept, I think I might love the turn of phrase just a little bit more. Ever thought of using that as a domain? 😉

      Good luck on the adventure. And thanks for taking us with you! I will be following you from the marketing side and I’m sure I’ll be learning every step of the way.

      • Tiffany

        Ha! Might be a good domain 😉

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