Hi everyone! I miss doing my challenges with y’all, so I thought we’d do a free one week one where we inject a bit of drive into our daily routine. I thought it’d be fun if we discussed certain tasks and maybe shared some methods or preferences and ideas with one another.

So for day 1, we’re going to revisit our research (or start new if you haven’t ever done any).

Here’s the task for day one of the challenge:

Day 1: Deep Market Research Day

  • Objective: To uncover gaps and opportunities in your current market.
  • Tasks:
    1. Identify one or more competitors and study their marketing strategies.
    2. Survey or interview at least 1 customer to understand their needs.
    3. Analyze current market trends through platforms like Google Trends.
  • Outcome: A resource outlining key findings and opportunities.

So I want you to work on this step and come back and comment here to let us know anything you did to research, interesting findings you’d like to share, anywhere you got stuck or couldn’t find the info you needed, etc.

Did it provide any neat insight or direction for you? Here is what I did today and what I discovered:

Identified 1 competitor and studied his marketing strategies.

For this step, I decided to analyze a PLR competitor. I chose Ronnie Nijmeh at PLR.me. I was looking at his slant, which is more about coaching resources by a coach. He was a stress coach, and he built a large following, had interviews on it, etc.

But of course, marketers buy his content, too. He, like myself, does a wide variety of niche topics. He also has a different payment and pricing system on his site. You buy based on credits, and non-members can buy credits at a slightly higher price point than members.

He has a team of writers, so it’s not just him doing the work. He has over 17,000 content pieces. So there’s a lot to choose from. I noticed he has a neat free download access page here. What he does with that is give FREE members 2 free credit each month. So every month they’re getting freebies. That’s a neat concept because it gets them hooked on his content, and if they want more, they can buy credits for it.

He also has a cool PLR training page. I had training but it was never connected ON my store. That’s something I should have done. One thing he is missing is a working blog. His link is going to an error 500 page. I even reached out to him and asked about a possible affiliate promo deal.

I did notice many people search for things like coaching content or content for coaches as opposed to private label rights content (they may not have ever heard of that phrase). I also found out that the top industries for coaching online right now include:

  1. Life Coach
  2. Financial Coach
  3. Mindset and Confidence Coach
  4. Relationship Coach
  5. Executive Coach
  6. Health Coach
  7. Business Coach
  8. Career Coach

Surveyed 10 of my top buyers to ask about their specific needs.

I went and ran a report on W+ and tried to study Thrivecart too (not sure about this one yet) and identified my top 10 customers for PLR. I plan to reach out to them and maybe do something for them, like a free blog post or something and ask about how I can meet their needs.

Not sure what I want to do or how I want to word it (and some of you are probably reading this right now LOL so if you get my email, you’ll know that I’m on a mission to do more for you)!

I was using Google Trends and looking around online and found a spike for PLR eBooks. People want products they can sell I guess. I also dug around on blogs, did Google searches, spied in forums, etc. I discovered that one big complaint AI content is getting is the sterile nature of it. It reads pretty non human-like. Even if the writing is pristine, error-free, in today’s world you really need the casual, conversational content.

There’s an emphasis on Helpful content (Google’s update) and pillar posts. There’s also a rising trend in having short form additions to long-form content, with multi-media features. Interactive elements are big – quizzes and surveys, etc. Fresh slants are always beneficial, so paying attention to news and trends is important. People look for reviews of things, discounts and where the best sources are.

Don’t spend an entire day on this. Just do some quick research and brainstorming. Report back! I want to see progress, y’all! And I’m willing to add ideas when and if you comment here OR email me direct if you prefer not to put your business out there for all to see.

Tiff 😉

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