Hi everyone! Today we’re working on some creative brainstorming for some momentum. Brainstorming is something I LOVE doing. It breathes new life into projects. Sometimes I immediately implement ideas and other times, I’m honestly like, “Sounds good but I’m far too lazy for that so I won’t do it.” LOL!

Here’s the task for today and my participation is below:

Day 2: Creative Brainstorming Session

  • Objective: To think outside the box and develop innovative marketing strategies.
  • Tasks:
    1. Conduct a SWOT analysis of your current marketing efforts.
    2. Use mind-mapping techniques to brainstorm ideas.
    3. Prioritize the top 3 most promising ideas.
  • Outcome: A list of innovative marketing strategies to test.

Part of me hesitates to do this because I want to fully focus on fiction and not veer off in new directions with my PLR. I asked around recently about ways to do more automated evergreen stuff with my PLR but I didn’t like any of the answers. Stuff like sell software as PLR. Pffft! No thanks.

Step 1: So first, I conducted a SWOT analysis. (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats). My strengths are: ability to be innovative with slants, write fast (and in high volume), reputation for quality. My weaknesses are: I don’t want to do all the reciprocal spammy promos that get affiliates onboard and I don’t do graphics or multimedia – I’m text only.

Opportunities? Hmmm. I see one thing as both an opportunity AND a threat – AI. I can use it to create quick content (which I ethically label as AI). But it can also be a threat if other PLR sellers are using it and positioning it as original content they created when it’s not. I also have the opportunity to reach out and do private deals with certain top vendors that I pick and choose.

Threats? I have never really worried about threats in the 18+ years I’ve been doing this. Even with AI, it’s just another resource like any other PLR vendor and I’m confident enough to withstand that because I think it’s a tool people will realize they have to do a lot of work with to make it operational.

Step 2: I then went to MindMeister and created a mind map to brainstorm ideas. I’m not going to show you all of it but here’s how I started the branches.

I have a variety of types of launches I do. Some are limited, some unlimited, some public, some private, etc.

Below that I began outlining types of PLR like eBooks, articles, varied bundles, etc. Then slants or approaches.

I also have another one I added which is PLR as a bonus. I tested that this past week with an AI PLR bonus and it brought in a nice little amount for work AI did.

Step 3: I prioritized the top 3 most promising ideas. For me, that will be the following:

  1. Original Limited PLR (I’m working on exclusive content to help with blogs, etc.)
  2. AI PLR (great for the end of my day, for an additional content option people can use and for bonuses)
  3. Private PLR Launches (I have some people in mind I want to approach as the months go on).

Not sure if these are as the outcome describes as “innovative” – they’re all things I’ve been testing. But I haven’t come up with anything new that I WANT to do, such as multimedia, etc. I have zero desire to learn better skills for that OR to rely on inconsistent freelancers – I want all my extra time focused on fiction.

So let me know what you did for this task!

Tiff 😉

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