Today is the third of 7 days’ worth of tasks meant to give us momentum. Now I don’t know about you, but when I’m surrounded by physical or digital clutter, I feel antsy and distracted. It’s just an uncomfortable feeling.

So today, to help us clear the way for productivity, we’re going to do this:

Day 3: Digital and Physical Cleanup

  • Objective: To optimize your digital assets and workspace for increased productivity.
  • Tasks:
    1. Organize your desktop and digital files
    2. Clean up your email list.
    3. Update or create an editorial calendar.
    4. Make your workspace straight.
  • Outcome: An organized environment.

The first thing I did was organize my desktop. I cannot STAND having a cluttered desktop. I have folders for ideas, projects I’m working on, tax things, and then personal life stuff like health, bills, travel and more. I actually try to do this daily. I tend to randomly save things to my desktop so I have to go through and organize it so I know where everything is.

Next I logged into Aweber and cleaned up my list. I remove any unsubscribes and sometimes bounces, too. You need to do this step periodically because it’s good to clean and purge your list. Keeps costs down, too.

I also put together a week-long content calendar. I like knowing what I’m going to be blogging about, emailing about, working on, etc. But I don’t like working on that much past a week.

And I already had plans to finish organizing my workspace so this was perfect timing. I cleared off the clutter (paperwork, books, etc.) and gave it a good wipe down. Scarlett is decorating for Christmas for me since I got the décor out and have only managed to put a few things up so far, so she’ll be putting lots of it on my desk I’m sure.

Normally, I do a quick tidying up of everything digital and physical for work on a regular basis. But I know not everyone does, and that may be one of the reasons I’m very productive.

Tiff 😉

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