Today is day 4 of getting some momentum for the challenge. Many people need help with content productivity. I personally don’t because it’s the crux of my business and I can write 40 pages a day. But it needed to be included here for those who struggle.

Day 4: Content Production Marathon

  • Objective: To create compelling content to fuel your marketing strategies.
  • Tasks:
    1. Write one long-form blog post or article.
    2. Record a video or podcast episode.
    3. Create a lead magnet like an eBook or checklist.
  • Outcome: Content ready to be published or distributed.

So what you can do for this that I personally recommend if you want to knock out all three tasks is write one pillar blog post, turn it into a PDF lead magnet and then use it as a script for a podcast or video. You could even use some sort of AI to turn the video into an explainer video etc.

Repurposing content, re-slanting it, and so on is very important to productivity and momentum. Don’t reinvent the wheel if you don’t have to.


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