Today is about knowing what works and what doesn’t. In order to do that you can’t just guess. You not only want to know what’s working in general, but very specifically. For example, these past couple of weeks I’ve been split testing emails here and there.

Half my list gets a hyped up, spammy type subject line and half get my usual, which tells them exactly what’s inside in a list like form. The spammy one always edges out the normal one just slightly. I hope it’s just out of curiosity but even though that works better, it’s just not “me” so I can’t use that type of email.

Day 6: Data Analysis and Adaptation

  • Objective: To use data for making informed decisions.
  • Tasks:
    1. Review metrics from your recent marketing campaigns.
    2. Conduct A/B testing for a current campaign.
    3. Adapt strategies based on findings.
  • Outcome: Adjusted marketing strategies backed by data.

So today figure out what you want to analyze. It could be your website data, email data, social media data, etc. Find one thing to split test – a subject line, a headline, an image – whatever – and see what kind of results you get back so you can adjust moving forward.

Tiff ๐Ÿ™‚

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