Today is an important part of the process many ignore. You have to spend some time working on your business in other ways than traffic and data and networking. You have to work on yourself. Right now I’m reading Dale Carnegie’s book How to Stop Worrying and Start Living.

It’s SO freaking amazing – packed with good content and examples for both your personal and professional life. But you can find any resource – a podcast, a YouTube video, whatever and spend at least an hour this day immersed in it.

Then have some goals for yourself. Mine is honestly to start taking some days off. I never do. I usually work 7 days a week then save up for a Disney trip where I’ll take an entire week off. So I need that down time to be consistent, like every Saturday and Sunday or something.

Day 7: Personal Development and Reflection

  • Objective: To rejuvenate and motivate yourself for future challenges.
  • Tasks:
    1. Read a business or marketing book for at least an hour.
    2. Write down your goals for the next month.
    3. Take some time off to recharge.
  • Outcome: A refreshed and motivated mindset.

This is important because it re-energizes you. You need a clear mind to make decisions and feel confident about what you’re doing. Everyone needs something fitting for themselves. Not everyone needs to get over worry. Some need something else.

Tiff 🙂

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