I’m so curious about how people see Internet marketers in terms of how their day unfolds. Because I know when I was just starting out, I was star struck by these people earning six and seven figures.

Back in those days, everyone was on Warrior Forum and we’d hear about $1 million DAYS. Yes, DAYS! WTH!? I couldn’t even fathom (still can’t really). I was happy to sell 16 copies of a PLR report for $5. LOL!

I was working from home and getting to raise my kids. I was in Heaven. We saw certain things being floated around – they always rented out the Playboy mansion, for example. They stood next to (or owned) sports cars that cost more than my home. They were always at mastermind events partying and hiring 80s rock bands.

The reality was different, I found out, once I started working for them as a ghostwriter. They’d call me at all hours of the night (2 AM – caused some marital fights, too). They were up working ALL the time. HARD! But their sales copy and social media made it look like it was on autopilot.

Even today some still brag about the ease of it all, etc. I now know what goes on behind the scenes. A few people have truly automated and grown their business very well so they have more relaxation than others.

I personally have not done that. I think a lot of it is because I’ve TRIED in the past to do it, but ghostwriters often have something go wrong or they aren’t delivering what I want, so it’s always been easier (and more reliable) to do it myself.

I can write up to 40 pages in a day. I do 5 pages an hour. I don’t LIKE doing any more than 20 pages, max. That’s my “happiness” limit.

For most people I see, they don’t automate AND they don’t work – they’re just not productive. I could never.

So what’s a typical day in the life for me as a multi six-figure earner?

I wake up depending on when I went to bed, always trying to get at LEAST 7-8 hours of sleep. Usually, I wake up around 10 AM. I stay in bed and give the dogs their greenie bones while I text my oldest that I’m awake and he calls me for his morning chat. (I love that – starts my day off wonderfully). I also might get on TikTok and Instagram and FB messenger for a few mins – maybe 10-15 mins as I wake up.

I always get up, get dressed, brush my teeth and then let the dogs out and feed them while my coffee is brewing. They have to do zoomies and bark at the cats and squirrels.

I then sit down and open my email. I do that first thing in the morning when I get to my desk. This allows me to handle any problems immediately. Mainly, if someone can’t get their file or whatever – I’ll take care of that so nobody has to wait any longer.

On M, W, and F I start my makeup and get ready for the gym. For gym days I leave at noon and get back home at 2 (running any errands while I’m out). Once I get home, I do the following:

If it’s not those days, I go through the news (DailyMail is my favorite), and I log onto Nextdoor to see what drama is there, I scan FB real quick, and I go onto Warrior Plus to close any sold out limited PLR. I also update my Bundles PLR Page.

At this point I do my financial stuff, banking, online payment processors and transferring money to my accounts, paying bills, etc. If I’m hungry, I might get a little snack, but nothing major. (Gym days I have a protein shake at the gym café, so I won’t be hungry after).

Next, I get ready for productivity. Yes, it takes me ALL that time to finally WORK+. The earlier stuff I only consider maintenance and admin. For me, I have various projects happening. But let’s just use PLR as an example.

I will typically spend some time reviewing ideas and what sells best with my customers. I will brainstorm and outline and create all my other elements first – the graphics, the blog post page, the listings on Warrior Plus, etc.

Then I write. I dictate too. I do both. I go for a full hour then break. I might eat or get up or whatever.

Then I go through and see if there’s anything else I want to promote in the email. If so, I look into that, write a review, etc.

I also work on a blog post. (That’s what I’m doing right now – I’ve just finished my PLR, I already know what’s going in today’s email, and everything else is ready).

Once I’m done, I write up a portion of my email for the blog post, add the details of my PLR launch to it and click send.

Between all of these tasks, I pop into Facebook here and there. I stay on top of my emails. If I didn’t, I’d have hundreds to sort through and that would be overwhelming.

Now I’m TRYING to get away from working after that. Tonight, for instance, I am finally going to make the thick and spicy spaghetti sauce I wanted to make a couple of nights ago. I have GOT to force myself to de-stress or it’s going to kill me.

I find cooking therapeutic – cutting onions, celery, bell peppers, the smell of olive oil sautéing it, etc. I also want to chill out and watch TV tonight, then go to bed and read a book or magazine, laugh at some TikToks and go to sleep.

Normally, though – I don’t do this. I have been guilty of doing what I saw my predecessors do – work through all hours of the night. It’s (in a way) addictive. Productivity makes you feel really good in that moment. You feel like a go getter – and you’re on a roll.

But then you ache from sitting and working so much, and you go to bed regretting that your day was full of work and very little down time. You start to realize life is moving too fast and you vow to change things.

It’s been two decades and I’m just now actually following through on my promises. Quit working. Don’t be a workaholic. Enjoy the fruits of my labor.

There are days when I can’t work. If stress is too high, I sometimes might push through it and work like a mad woman to take my mind OFF other things – or I become almost paralyzed with worry and have to just sit here worrying. I hate both options.

My work days are from around 11 or 2 PM to 6-7 PM now. 5-8 hours total and that’s enough for me to hit my goals.

Tiff 😉

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