As someone who frequently turns to the Internet for ALL kinds of things in my personal life – whether it’s a recipe, a health issue, motivation, you name it – I know what helps me, as a user, generate loyalty to a site to the point where I return and take the person’s recommendations.

What I Don’t Respond to as a Consumer

I don’t respond to the length of the content. You could tell me what I want to know in two sentences and I’d be just as happy as if you’d posted a 2,500-word blog post. What matters to me is whether I ended up feeling satisfied.

I also don’t respond to “just the facts.” So whether you’re buying PLR for your site, hiring a ghostwriting, using an article spinner or turning to AI, I can search facts myself and read the data.

I don’t respond to boring, flat content. I want some personality. If you sound like you have a stick up your rear, I’ll probably go elsewhere. It feels weird listening to someone who can’t joke or be sarcastic or anything other than factual.

I don’t respond to spam. I can tell by reading if you’re just in it for the money. You HAVE to show you care about your readers or I’ll find someone who does. That’s not to say the person can’t monetize their content – on the contrary.

In fact, I want to support people with a genuine approach. But you and I both know you can tell when someone has an agenda that means they’ll sacrifice their ethics to make a quick buck.

What I do respond to as a consumer

People who weave personality into the mix. I want personal mixed with informative. Have you had the same problem? How did it make you feel. Have you got a story to go with that recipe? I don’t need 3/4 of the blog post to be about Grandma Opal’s buttermilk biscuits that fell flat one Thanksgiving – but you might add a sentence or two about how you always loved her biscuits and how much you miss her.

I love writing that has a personality. You can use words, memes – you name it. Just make me like the person you are. It builds trust. Or…it repels me, and that’s fine, too.

I really love it when people share their experiences. It’s like you paved the way before me and makes me feel better about. This is true whether I’m reading a blog about a health issue or watching some short form content on TikTok about something.

I’ll give you a good example of what I’m talking about here. It cracks me up, too. I saw something on TikTok on my For You Page where a dermatologist was talking about how Rosemary essential oils work almost as good as Rogaine in promoting hair growth.

Well, the front of my hair has ALWAYS thinned from stress, ever since my horrible marriage. It just thins and I hate it. It also grows when I’m not stressed – weirdest thing. Anyway, the particular doctor I saw spat out some facts and referred everyone to their product link in their bio.

Hmmm. Know what I did? I searched a bunch more and I found people with way more personality who made funny content, shared their situation, and I bought through their link instead.

This person was an ordinary person – not someone with a niche account intending to promote stuff like this. They happened to put their links to things they use in their bio, but most of their content was normal stuff.

I respond to people who communicate with me as if I’m a good friend – someone who says, “Girl! You have GOT to try this because I was starting to resemble Mr. Clean and now I look like a Chia pet!”

THAT I would respond to. Not a doctor who, even though he has his facts straight, bores me. Social media and 24/7 communication has changed the world and you have to let your personality shine through.

By the way I’ll let you know after 4-8 weeks if it works. I’m not Mrs. Clean yet, but I want to stop any problems before they start severely. LOL!

If you’re not used to putting yourself out there, know that you can still do things like use a pen name or be anonymous. You can be an “account” without having to give all the details of your life.

There are many people doing it this way – on blogs and on social media. Get out there and spy on others to see how they’re doing it and watch who gets good engagement. Granted, many people email or private message so you can’t see that, but sometimes their audience will be public with their engagement, so you’ll see what people respond to.

If you’re in the dog care niche, look it up on TikTok. Health? Look it up. Beauty? Look. It. Up. Scarlett said something to me the other day. She said, “Each social platform has their own type of vibe. On TikTok, it’s all about authenticity. Nobody has to look perfect like on Instagram. They can be themselves and that’s what people respond best to.”

No wonder that app has exploded like a beast. I love it personally.

Tiff 😉

    2 replies to "Marketers Need to Learn How to Communicate"

    • Fran Watson

      I definitely want to know if that hair growing technique works. I have lost so much hair due to stress over the past year with my house flooding and my mom’s illness and death. I feel like I hardly have any hair left.

      • Tiffany

        Oh no! I’m sorry Fran! It’s worse for women I think, too – for some reason. Maybe not all. I know men hate it too but it’s more expected I think. It’s certainly not a fun experiment. It’s greasy. Good thing I work from home! LOL

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