Whether you need money fast or need more of it, there are certain things that will help you take the pressure off. And contrary to popular belief, it’s not a GoFundMe or hitting your friends up at 3 o’clock in the morning asking them (after they worked hard all day) to bail you out of a jam when you were on FB commenting all day.

It requires work and consistency. But it can grow fast.

1. Become a freelance service provider.

Freelancers are in demand because other, successful marketers are in a bind. They’re often frantic and have zero time to get things done. This might be content creation, graphics, answering emails, posting to social accounts – you name it.

By filling in for them, you’re taking the pressure off of them. You can either sign up for an account somewhere like Upwork or Fiverr or you can use word of mouth and your own social accounts to get quick jobs where you get paid fast and build up a client list of people eager to outsource.

2. Network with the right people.

There are some people who will guide you with care and honesty, and those who just want to spam you with their offers. Start being discerning about who you follow and listen to. Don’t listen to anyone recommending scammy paths or opportunities.

A lot goes on behind the scenes where successful marketers will take online friends by the hand and show them the way, provided they do the work and ask questions. They’re not going to spoon feed you, but they will help you.

I had many individuals teach me how to earn more, how to elevate my offers, etc. One guy was blunt and said, “I want to promote you but you have no funnels.” I’d always hated funnels but I was only looking at it from my point of view and what I thought the customer wanted.

Once I realized I have to meet affiliate needs and then saw customers appreciated additional discounted deals in the upgrades, I finally got it. An aha moment.

3. Be the kind of marketer who follows through and works consistently.

There are too many flakes out there, flitting from one opportunity to the next. People don’t like that. They want to follow someone who will be around for a long time leading them. The more you work and show up and show off your brand and efforts/expertise, the more loyal your people will be in terms of buying from you.

You need to put in the hours. I’ve worked some late nights and been running on fumes, but I got things done that had to be done to serve my subscribers and blog readers.

4. Stop spreading yourself thin.

Working a lot doesn’t mean trying to build 5 businesses at once. Get good at one thing and elevate your success quickly. If you’re trying to blog as an affiliate, put out 3 reviews per day on one blog and post to social media – instead of running 3 blogs or 3 different business branches.

You want your income to explode fast, not trickle in as you slowly build multiple income streams. There will always be time for additional branches once the pressure is off.

5. Have a personality.

If you don’t have this in today’s online world, it’s harder to break into financial success. I don’t mean you have to create a circus for people to enjoy. Just be you, but let you shine through in your content.

People today don’t have loyalty to a product. They have loyalty to people. You don’t have to be famous or rich or have a PhD in your niche topic. You just have to be genuine and transparent. Real. Honest. Human. Related.

All of those words describe the perfect leader that earns success.

Tiff 😉

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