As an entrepreneur, you have more pressure on yourself to perform than someone on a salary does in my opinion. I’ve been both a paid employee and self employed, and I’m more driven for excellence now than I ever was working for someone else.

But that also means you push yourself too hard most of the time. At least I do. So when I feel burn out coming on, I make plans to disconnect from everything – work, news, social media, chores, etc. In order to successfully do this I usually go to Disney World.

There’s a certain ambiance in the bubble of Disney World and I treat myself to first class flights, deluxe resorts, signature dining, etc. Mainly because at home, I work 7 days a week and I don’t go do stuff for myself. I tend to save it all up for one splurge.

This trip, I took my oldest son and his wife and my daughter while my middle son stayed with all the pets (it’s okay – I took him to a fancy Vegas trip in November while my other son stayed with the pets). We had so much fun!

We went to stay at the Beach Club resort, club level (nice because they always have hors d’oeuvres and drinks and coffee so you don’t have to go to the little store). We did Epcot two days, Hollywood Studios one day and Magic Kingdom one day, along with the Halloween party at Magic Kingdom that night.

It was fun for everyone riding the Guardians of the Galaxy, the new Tron ride, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, and many more. Because of my bad knee, I use a scooter there, and part of my splurge includes paying for fast access to the rides so we skip the lines most of the time, or have a very short wait.

There is nothing like soaking up time with your kids, seeing them laugh and smile and they’re so thankful and grateful. We laughed so much on this trip it fully recharged my batteries and I feel very driven for some big changes.

This trip, we did some neat restaurants (some my son and DIL hadn’t done and some none of us had done). They were: Yachtsman Steakhouse, Flying Fish, Space 220, Cinderella’s Royal Table, and Tiffins. All were very good!

They got lots of souvenirs and I ended up with several hundred dollars left over on a gift card I’d gotten, so you know what that means – I’m going to put it towards another trip!

But maybe in 2025. I want to use the rest of 2023 to get going with a strong 2024 full steam ahead plan. This is something I’ve been dabbling with for awhile and just haven’t fully devoted myself to. But I found my footing and am ready now.

I know change will be uncomfortable for my as an entrepreneur and even as a person in general, but now that all 3 of my kids are adults, it’s easier to shift a little focus back on myself and what I need to do because they’re so self sufficient.

This was a great week. I even loved those quiet morning hours when everyone is asleep and content and you go down and get them all coffee and wake them up and they’re just in such happy little moods and just beaming all day. I have the best kids.

My son texted me this morning that he woke up and had soft Disney music playing in the background (it’s part of the ambiance of the resorts and parks) and he cooked them breakfast and put the potatoes in the shape of Mickey Mouse. 🙂 I love that!

Today, the day after I got home, I’m getting organized. I have a double PLR series to complete for the buyers, new PLR to write, my new fiction novel is heading to the editor in mid October (eek!), and I want to make a plan for my savings, fitness, and home stuff. Lots to do!

If you’ve been feeling burned out, TAKE OFF a day or two! This coming year, my off time will be family meals and experiences locally, rather than trips. Then maybe we’ll splurge and go to Hawaii or something in a year and a half or so. Who knows? Sounds exciting.

Tiff 🙂

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    • jane

      Love to read about what you do for fun when not working! Sounds like a How-To Do Disney article tips and tricks is in the works !

      • Tiffany

        Oh I’d love that! 🙂

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