Hi everyone! Lots of chatter in the PMs and emails about the reasoning between those who price their PLR packs much higher (like $70-100+ for a FE pack) and those who price it at $7-17 for a FE, for example).

So for both buyers and fellow PLR sellers, I want to share my thoughts with you and let you know why I won’t be raising my launch prices. I’ll be keeping them around the $7-17 mark.


First, I got into this branch of Internet Marketing because I kept having other new or struggling marketers ask to hire me while I was ghostwriting for “the gurus” who paid me $20-100 per page to write.

Well they couldn’t afford me, so I felt bad – and I thought about a way I might be able to make a little extra money while at the same time allowing that audience to purchase well written content (they were tired of only being able to afford low quality), and the only drawback to them would be that others would also own the content (but they could tweak it, etc.).

It was a win-win. So I started PLRMiniMart.com in 2006 and began serving that audience and adding to my income.

This reason why MATTERS to me. It may not matter to everyone, but I know what it was like to struggle and I LOVE that I can help people get their business off the ground with good content because not everyone has the skill to write well.

Second, A low cost launch can work if you work it. Take my last funnel launch, for example. I had a FE for $17 for 40 pages, an OTO for $37 for 77 pages (all new for both of those) and then a membership for $194.50. My launch brought in $16,277 total.

I was strategic with it. I had a private 4-day launch with Justin Popovic, then opened it wide for everyone else for a full week.

Is it the six figure launch some PLR sellers brag about? No. I don’t do those. LOL! I don’t want the networking required for that. But it’s good enough for me.

It does, however, require the sales copy, the funnel set up, the extra content work, and yes, some networking – to give your affiliates a heads up and to allow them time to create a bonus.

I didn’t even have a contest for it. But you have to do the work. You have to – or it won’t sell. It’s not enough to make a little post in a FB group. You have to hype it up (not lie about it – I mean generate a buzz) and get the crowd excited about it.

Third, you’re always going to have those $7 launches to compete with, period.  There are people in countries where they won’t need as much money as you do to live on, and they’re just fine selling it cheaper to make the sales. And if you think, “Well my content’s better” understand right now that that doesn’t matter at all.

These non English speaking packs that are poorly written often get deal of the day – just because they did everything else right – they had wow worthy sales pages, and they kissed enough butt on the networking reciprocal scene to get the sales.

So don’t go thinking this “raise your prices” will become a movement. It won’t. Some might do it, but not all, so you’ll raise yourself right out of many sales.

Fourth, many affiliates won’t promote higher ticket PLR launches if their list won’t bite because they’ll lose money. I know some stellar writers whose PLR packs are amazing. But when I email my list, I might sell 1-2 copies.

And my list is a big PLR buying list, too.

So do I often mail the $70-100+ PLR deals? No. Because it’s a waste of an email to my list. Instead, I look for some fellow PLR sellers whose work is quality and who DO price it lower for a launch.

Fifth, start being strategic about what that PLR can do to serve you money-wise on the back end.

This is where the rubber meets the road, people.

You want to think about how you can profit from the PLR once the sale is over. For example, once the one week launch is complete, my content goes up to the full $1 per page price, so $40 for that front end. Not $17.

And it sells!

I also use the PLR for bonus deals when I promote other peoples’ launches, so that helps me net many more sales.

And I can later bundle it all up again with other packs in my store for an OTO in my own launch where it’s all existing content marked down. That also sells well.

Not to mention it goes into my store where it just adds more content to appeal to potential lifetime (total) membership buyers.

The two most important things to remember here are a.) you have to do the launch buzz work for a low price to be profitable for you and b.) you have to be strategic to make up for it on the other side.

As a buyer or seller, what are your thoughts? 

Tiff 😉

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    • Flo

      To be quite honest, I am not buying high priced anything unless it is exceptional. I think prices over all, the higher the more ridiculous. I can get the gist of it from other places. And I happen to be a writer with an undergrad in journalism and a Masters in Library Science. So if it is too high I will just put that on my list of things to come up with myself. Or someone else next week, next month will come up with something comparable in my expense range. And yes, I am just starting out and if I had income to price it out as a business expense, I might change my mind a few times. But for the most part, I prefer exceptional quality for a good price. It fosters loyalty. What happened to the notion of over deliver? (Which Tiff does. )

      • Tiffany

        Thanks Flo! 🙂

    • Michelle Williams


      Your blog post about raising PLR prices is refreshing and candid. I, for one, like the fact that the prices for your PLR products are reasonable as well as having good content. I also like the fact that you don’t work to outdo other marketers. Most of all, I adore that you do this to help your customers and other marketers. actions of helping others is authentic and genuine. 🙂 That means a lot to me – especially someone who can only purchase so much at once and you’re not necessarily doing this for the $$. Thanks again and I enjoy being on your list. 🙂

      • Tiffany

        Hi Michelle! Thanks for the kind words. I am doing it for two-fold reasons – and yes, money is one of them. The other is helping people who need it. It’s important to be profitable but it can be done while serving your audience and lending them a helping hand, too in my opinion. 🙂

    • Ann Valentin

      Thank you for this post, Tiff.
      Yes, cost is part of my decision for purchase. The first part is topic. Second is content and who the writer is.
      I’ve purchased PLR that is so poorly written that I now run from those writers or offers.
      Nowadays, I glance over most offers and scroll down to the price. Yup, many many are priced very high. blank blank blank. Most of them are quoting purchasers and there is little content. Many are touting how great they are and how much they make. And… the content quality is poorly written. So, delete is the result.
      Then there is you. Yippee for you, Tiff.
      We get well written and researched info and I can TRUST what I get from you. If it is a referral, I know you went through it. When you have not – you so state.
      All in all, your PLR is the BEST.

      • Tiffany

        Aww thanks Ann! 🙂

    • Eric Thomas

      Great Article, Tiffany!

      As a newbie, I have to say I always find the value in what you put out. I will soon be entering the fray of my own online business, keeping it simple, small minicourse intro/list builder followed-up by both a free and premium membership offer. My niche is the Personal Prosperity (Financial) and Development arena as that is both my Passion and my professional background. While I am confident in “my stuff”but when it comes to the Content and Online stuff I need all the mentors I can get. 😉

      Keep it coming. 🙂

      • Tiffany

        Go for it Eric! 🙂

    • Jason Daly

      For me personally price isn’t an issue. I would much rather pay more for higher quality content and exclusivity.

      Most PLR is average at best and very bland. Not that bland is bad as you can spend a bit of time tweaking and adding your own voice, opinions, case studies etc.

      I do tend to steer clear of JVZ now apart from yourself, Arun, Liz and JR and look more towards Justin for personal development PLR and Coach Glue/Content Sparks for IM/business PLR. Is it significantly more expensive? Yes, but if used correctly it shouldn’t be classed as an expense, but rather more an investment.

      • Tiffany

        Yes it’s good to find a more exclusive provider too in a particular niche.

    • Vikk

      I am a buyer. Umm, My name is Vikk and I am a PLR over-buyer.

      That said, more and more I am getting picky, picky, picky. I am a writer and I use and plan to use the material in conjunction with books that I publish. That means I will rewrite just about everything so it has the right voice and the right slant. As I write this I’m in the midst of rewriting one of the pieces I received from Justin. Not because it was bad; it’s good. But I need to maintain the voice and deliver the content in alignment with what I’m saying.

      One thing that has driven me crazy over the last year or so are all these massive, huge offerings, most with the higher price, loaded with things I won’t use. Odds are I’m not doing the Twitters, the FB stuff, the images, even the covers because. Why? I don’t twitter, don’t have time for all that other stuff, will rework the messages if I were to do them, and want the covers to be cohesive with what I do. And, frankly, I’m not keen on 99% of the covers and their style. So all that is superfluous stuffing for me.

      I am only looking for good, quality content that I can easily revise and massage to make it work for me. I hate it when I might find an offering with content that I like at a really high price due to the “perceived value” obtained from all that other stuff. I don’t bite; I barely look anymore.

      The result is I have scaled my list of PLR suppliers to a select few and pretty much trust the judgement of you, Tiffany, and one or two others when something suggested by another PLRer might fit.

      It’s grown too time consuming to wade through all this stuff. I’ve had to erect tall parameters to justify an expenditure.

      Perhaps I suffer from PLR-fatigue.

      I will say I do love Justin’s PLR. Most of what he’s done hasn’t worked in my niches; however I have a new stream in the self-help area where he’s perfect. May I say I bought a boatload of stuff during his 6/1 offer. LOL Put it all in a spreadsheet, figured out what funnels and it will stretch out for an eternity.

      If everyone raises their prices, I will probably bow out for most stuff. I now people need to make money but so do I. I take a risk when I use the PLR and hope that it will not only earn out but be profitable.

      I like what you do, how you run your business, and your honest approach. Kudos and thank you!

      • Tiffany

        Thanks for sharing that Vikk! I agree with everything – and as a buyer too I also don’t use stuff like Tweets LOL!

    • Kelly McCausey

      You’re giving great context to your pricing decisions Tiffany and I like that a lot.

      When I launched WhiteLabelPerks.com I purposefully created packages formatted the way I’d use them myself, taking a few extra steps to provide images, social blurbs, optin copy, etc – and priced them higher than the norm, taking the additional elements into consideration.

      Then we launched a membership that gives our members EVERYTHING we release – multiple packs every month – effectively bringing the price down closer to what might be found elsewhere. Members get great value and we have reliable cash flow – which is lovely!

      I don’t do much with the launch style of marketing in my PLR businesses – though it’s a lot of fun to promote as an affiliate!

      • Tiffany

        Oh yes there’s definitely value in that. Memberships in general can be priced higher – they’re a bit more exclusive as well. I love both business models. The more we can help people and provide options, the better and yes as an affiliate, it’s great to have choices, too!

    • sh

      What does Vikks comment mean about figured out what funnels in the following sentence: “May I say I bought a boatload of stuff during his 6/1 offer. LOL Put it all in a spreadsheet, figured out what funnels and it will stretch out for an eternity.”

      • Tiffany

        I believe she bought during one of his big sales and organized the funnels into content she could use. This was in 2018 so I don’t recall. 🙂

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